(Trans) #Yuchun's letter to his Mother

To "omanim"!! (T/N Aegyo for "eomonim" which means "mother")

Eumma-yah! (T/N Aegyo for "eomma" which means "mum")

Happy Birthday!! (T/N In Korean dialect speech)
Well, there was nothing I did well to you all this time but I just need to do well from now on, right?~~~

I haven't been writing you a letter for such a long time so it feels a bit weird, don't you think so too? No, you don't? I even write birthday letters like this but Yuwhan probably mustn't have written one. Puhihihi ^.^

Today is mum's birthday so??? How old even are you, mum??? Anyway!

I really really wish you a happy birthday. Actually, I wanted to write an extremely moving splendid letter but then, you would cry mum, wouldn't you? So!... Am I not kind??

From now on, I will take good care of my dongsaeng and listen to you well mum so please let your worries down... you know it, don't you?

So then,

(Happy happy birthday!!)

I love you! (T/N literally "Sswaranghaeyo" which is aegyo)

Source: http://t.co/v19N0AYm7t

Translated by Sheena

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