(Trans) 131112 Child actress Jeong Dabin mentions #Yuchun in her interview

"Not long ago, I met JYJ's Park Yuchun oppa and I felt so glad. But because I was shy, I couldn't get to talk to him properly. Although people call me a celebrity, I'm not much different from my friends who enjoy seeing stars. Hoho"

“얼마 전 JYJ 박유천 오빠를 만났는데, 아주 좋았어요. 부끄러워서 말도 제대로 못했네요. 연예인이라고 절 부르지만, 저도 스타들을 보면 즐거워하는 친구들과 별로 다를 게 없어요. 호호”

Source: http://t.co/f4T8rkMSfE

Translated by Sheena

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