(Edited Trans) JJ: Who is that ID ajuhssi 'cashboxman'? There are too many weird swindlers around -_- Attention-seeker weird ajuhssi, bye bye. Go back to your planet. Take a Kantapia violin (T/N what Dooly uses to return to planet Kantapia) and go away. It it's not working, then take the E.T bike backseat and go away. Be thankful that I confront you lastly. RT @bornfreeonekiss cashboxman 이 ID아저씨 누구지?이상한 사기꾼들이 너무 많다ㅡㅡ 관심 받고 싶은 사기꾼 아저씨 바이바이 너네 별로 돌아가 깐따삐아 바이올린타고가~안돼면 ET자전거 뒷자리라도 타고가 ~마지막으로 상대해준걸 감사히 생각하라구~~

Translated by Sheena

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