[Trans] #JYJ 2013 NII Winter Interview

JYJ: Hello, we are JYJ!
YC: Nice to meet you.
JS: Nice to meet you.
JJ: Why are you greeting like this?
JS: I don't know.
JJ: isn't that Tae Jinah (T/N veteran singer) sunbaenim's gesture? *starts singing 'Farewell, I'm sorry~'*
JJ: Everyone, now finally...
YC: Winter.
JJ: Yes, winter has come to us.
JS: Miri Christmas! (T/N "miri" means "in advance" in Kr)
JJ: Yes, Miri Christmas~
YC: So that's why we are wearing colourful clothes...
JS: And warm, too.
YC: But yours are very dark...
YC: Ah, the colour here is a bit brighter... and you even wore a necktie.
JS: This kind of thing is very important.
YC: Of course, because it's Christmas.
JS: That's right.
JJ: But usually, when winter comes, you tend to look for your thick clothes, right? There are even times when you wear a thick knit together with a thick T-shirt. You must have a favourite between a thick coat and a thick padding. What do you usually wear?
YC: In winter?
JJ: Yes.
YC: I almost always wear knits.
JS: That's right.
YC: At home, most of my winter clothes are almost all knits. When shooting, something I can put on and off easily like uggs. I usually almost wear knits that I can wear comfortably.
JJ: What about you, Junsu?
JS: My feet are originally cold so I usually necessarily wear shoes with fur, like what you said earlier, uggs.
JJ: 2 years ago, while shooting the NII commercial, they gave us a green coat...
YC: Outer jacket.
JJ: Yes, an outer jacket. I feel like I only wore these jackets every day all year long since they were so warm.
YC: Yes, warm and pretty, too.
JJ: For this season, paddings from NII came out very pretty.
YC: Even when wearing them, we thought "they're so nice and well-made".
JS: Knits are very pretty, too.
YC: So if everyone see this winter season's fashion collection, you will probably feel everything will suit your taste.
JS: You will feel satisfied.
YC: Really, what I can say again without doubt is that it will really suit your taste and that you won't regret purchasing them. We personally really like the clothes.
JJ: While being NII models for 3 years and shooting commercials, I noticed that there was more and more people wearing NII clothes. Don't you think so? Don't you notice it?
YC: At the beginning, even before 6 months or 1 year passed, I was like "ah, they're wearing NII clothes" and now when I see people wearing NII clothes, I feel very proud.
JS: That's right.
YC: I feel there's such a feeling because I've been modeling for them for such a long time.
YC: Shall we sum it all up over again with "NII is ____"?
YC: NII is... the whole nation's clothes that are alike seasons.
JJ: All 4 seasons are vivid.
JS: Clothes filled with all seasons.
YC: Yes, this kind of feeling.
JJ: NII is me. (T/N Pun with "You are me" since "NII" sounds like "You" in Kr)
JJ: What about you, Junsu?
JS: NII is somewhat like a family.
JJ: NII is family?
JS: Because we, JYJ, as their first models...
YC: Yes, as NII models...
JS: continuously only worked with NII up until now. Honestly, NII is all about clothes but I feel like all the staffs are also like a family.
YC: Everyone, although this winter is very cold, I hope you will still have a warm winter along with NII. Please keep giving lots of love to JYJ and I hope you will have a happy Christmas.
JS: Yes.
YC: Thank you~
JS: Merry Christmas!
JJ: Thank you.
YuSoo: "Please love NII & please love me too"
YuSoo: 1, 2, 3!
JS: Please love NII & please love me too...
JS: *waves* Thank you!

Source: http://youtu.be/HVG_tvc93pE

Translated by Sheena

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