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Dear @Glen_Hansard!=)
I've written a note about your Moscow concert and I hope you'll read it. 40 people've already "liked" it and some of them think too that you should read it, they said I had expressed all feelings that they had about you, your band and your gig. So please pay attention to it. I really tried my best translating it into English=)
We want you to know that Moscow loves you and misses!:)


If Moscow was a lady, this song would be about her. © Glen Hansard.

This is a story about lucky me who's been on the 7th of November at the concert of Irish musician Glen Hansard, the most radiant person I've ever seen.:)
Absolute, immense, boundless happiness. That's what it was.
Almost three endless hours of fabulous music, incredible energy and state of unconditionally being in love.
Being in love with Glen, with everyone of 12 musicians on the stage, with the audience, with such terrific atmosphere.
Boundless beauty. Of the soul, the music, the response. The beauty of everything.
I've never been at such a cordial and sincere concert ever. I've been at different gigs, and they also have won my heart, every one of them were particular.
And so was it. Especial, unique, peculiar.
There were a quite small stage and cozy auditorium. I was ranking almost in front of the mic. Some time of waiting finally ended, when musicians appeared on the stage being followed with rapturous applause of the fans. Prior to that moment I honestly could say that I wasn't such a huge fan, but at 20:15 of the 7th of November things definitely changed. It was the point of no return. What I saw that night surpassed all imagination... If you were on Glen's gig once, you go back there again.
And there he was, Glen Hansard. He was exactly such person as I had seen him in some photos and that terrific movie "Once" - he wore an almost fully buttoned up shirt, lots of bracelets and a nice cap.
Glen Hansard is Mr. Nice Guy, he is hearty, cheery, charming Irishman, singing from the bottom of his heart, after all - "If you sing from your heart there's never a wrong note. If you're not singing from your heart... please don't sing".
Tears were rolling down even when I didn't know words of songs, just because of Glen's soulful singing, because of him being honest with the whole audience and each person taken separately. We've been like old friends, when he talked to us, answered some questions.
And what a guitar playing! By the way, he played lots of guitars (having holes!) and other instruments and even sometimes contrived to snap strings.
Drumming felt like being in myself in unison with the heart. And when Glen was tapping a rhythm, audience echoed by clapping, and his face was illumined by the smile. And sometimes there were sudden tricks when some lyric songs became rock'n'roll at once, fans squealed with delight!
Glen even sang some songs that were asked by fans! I can't believe that enthusiastic welcomed "Heyday" and "Revelate" weren't on the setlist=) Some lucky fans managed to sing with Glen magnificent "Falling Slowly". He played the girl's ukulele and autographed it (btw, it was her bday:) ).
He joked and told us some stories like about "The Song of Good Hope" written for his friend who was sick. It was curiously when he said "I guess I wrote it... I guess I can say I wrote it, but i didn't write it. It came through me." Also he told us about him being on Patriarshie prudi=)
He made faces and danced, so we were enchanted by him. He thanked us in Russian and we were rejoicing at it. We clapped the band and the band clapped us. We sang some sounds as Glen asked us, e.g. when he sang "Lowly Deserter", so we had such fun taking part in it)).
He asked what's the Russian for "I love you" and everyone interrupting each other tried to answer and of course he didn't get it. Then on the count of three the whole audience with a single heart cried: "JA TEBIA LIUBLIU!". AMAZING!!!
And the same way we expressed out thanks repeating in Russian with one accord at the end of the concert: "SPASIBO! SPASIBO! SPASIBO!".
Besides those songs that were on set-list the band rendered about 5 songs (maybe even more).
And the most astonishing thing happened at the end of the gig.
"Passing through", of course. Nobody knew what would happen, so it was really striking when some members of the band appeared among fans.
I was that lucky girl who was standing between Glen Hansard and Rob Bochnik, who had photo with Glen (he even hugged me!)) and who kissed him on the cheek and he thanked me:)) It was magical)) And I managed to make him hear my words about him being great))
All together we sang that final piece with a single heart. And then musicians were back on the stage to say goodbye and finish singing "Small song to say good night, song that we hope you will sing on your way home tonight"=).

Glen Hansard is inspiration-person. It's his being, he is lit up with it. Inspiration is his quintessence.
His music is lending wings beauty and crazy drive touching heart of hearts.

Glen and his band gave us so much sincere affection, love and happiness... They are SO splendid, unforgettable! It's just incredible! I'm already going crazy with wish to see them again, to be at Glen Hansard's gig again. You need to see it once. To listen once. To be there. To feel everything body and soul. 'Cause all emotions are beyond words. Tears were rolling down of their own accord while we were smiling.
Remembering all of it, I shed a tear. Can't believe it really happened to me.

It was a moment of serenely joy, that we had had time to take pleasure, to slow down and really feel before the magic was dispersed.
We cried and laughed, for three hours audience of 100 and 12 musicians made the best friends. And it's simple truth. It is what you feel when you are there, singing side by side with Glen, and when he hugs you, laughs, and the whole audience repeats the refrain of the song that have been already finished and musicians start to sing it again along with us. These people light up, they surrender themselves to their fans, and the audience can just response. After all, everyone felt the same:

Absolute, complete, infinite, unshakable, stunning, crazy, head-spinning, all-consuming happiness.

"Once" and forever.

After such miracle Moscow fans don't know how to move on without your gigs for long time))
Thank you. Thank you so much for everything.
Hope to see you soon!
Good luck, lots of love, best wishes and ocean of happiness and inspiration!

Christina Chimshit.

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