Okay folks. Here it is ...

AyRiv was doxed by her FJ friends. Don't know why. Don't care. Hedge asked that I follow her after she locked up her account and went private. I did, because Hedge asked.

AyRiv made several posts that I found extremely offensive. A virtual smear campaign against our military. I don't need to tolerate that on my TL. Blast your hate for our military somewhere else. After she apologized to me for the fact that she drives a car plastered with messages about her disdain for our military, I saw her defending her religion of peace along with pics smearing our military more. Hypocrite much? The religion that seems to have a problem with killing it's own people? HA! Get outta here with your skewed views & insincere apologies.

You don't see me blasting my Christianity or my political views on my TL. I joined forces with all of you and set aside my personal views for a greater good. We ALL did that in the beginning. That was lost somewhere along the way. I DO, and always will support our men and women who defend our country. If you don't respect that, I have NO tolerance for you.

She was welcomed into our little group, and yet showed no respect for the views of others, IMO. I snapped. I got pissed. I blocked her & went on a minor rant, which is viewable to all. I mentioned no one specifically.

I then pointed out that Todd Kincannon was doing something good by trying to help a man who was suicidal. This apparently upset a few, mostly Splendid.

Last night, JM attempted to take me to task for 'supporting' Todd Kincannon in an effort to champion his friend Splendid.

I DO NOT support Todd Kincannon.
I DO support freedom of speech!!!

JM was SO upset, that he chose to UNfollow me in the middle of our 'conversation'. I thought it respectful to only do the same. He then proceeded to smear me behind his protected acct, where I couldn't see what was being said, and couldn't defend myself. Punk move JM.

This morning, Splendid decided to take me to task over a tweet I pushed regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. I still have no clue why. Her defense of the Muslim Brotherhood would be the equivalent of my defending Westboro Baptist Church. I truly don't believe Splendid knows what the MB is. Moderate Muslims don't support them. I'm completely baffled and shocked.

That's what's happening from my viewpoint, minus the accusations that I'm a cunt & a member of the KKK & a few other things. I can't even get mad because JM & Splendid both came at me with uninformed and/or uneducated opinions. I am, however, tired of being the object of people's anger.

JM & Splendid ... I forgive you.
AyRiv ... I got nothin for you.

I'm tired of watching this all fall apart. I'll be UNfollowing ALL of the #BostonStrong group. The real friendships I've made among this group exist outside of twitter. If I don't already have your number and/or email, and you wish to continue a friendship, let me know.

Goodbye. Good luck. God bless.
Stay forever #BostonStrong