2014 amendment remarks
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Mr Speaker, it has been a tough fight, but I rise today to support a referendum in 2014

We Conservatives are completely united in wanting to give people a say on Europe

They would have had a referendum already, if it weren’t for the LibDems holding us back in Coalition

And it is disgraceful that members opposite are trying to talk this Bill away

Labour are determined to gag the British people, when 8 in 10 of our constituents tell us that they want their voices heard

It strikes me that when the majority of people want a referendum before the next election. .I have never known a time in British politics when the political establishment has been so remote, disconnected and out of touch with public opinion

Politicians have wilfully kicked the can further and further down the road

And we are in danger of doing so again today

So I ask this simple question: if not in this parliament, then when else can we be sure to deliver an EU referendum

Mr Speaker, my amendment and amendment 22, which incorporates my amendment, offer a way forward

And with those comments, I say to my colleague, by chasing the EU referendum dream for 2017, we risk losing one in 2014 and throwing away the 2015 election

So I would urge every MP to listen to their constituents and try to grant the British people a referendum in 2014

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