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7th Nov 2013 from TwitLonger

[Trans] Test takers!~ You've work hard! As much as you prepared for today, in the future! In the future as well, hope you give your best even more! I hope everyone have a happy day today! And in 2 hours... what will happen to Eunsang, will Chanyoung see Lee Bona today~ or will not see~ how many times see? ('Bona' pun words used here) Look forward for the Heirs~ ^^

@.Cnblue_4수험생여러분~! 고생많으셨어요! 오늘을 위해 준비한만큼 앞으로는! 앞으로도! 더 멋지게 최선을 다하길바래요!오늘은 모두 행복한 하루가 됐으면 좋겠어요! 그리고 2시간후..과연 은상이는 어떻게 될것인가, 찬영이는 오늘 이보나 보나~ 안보나~ 몇번보나? 상속자들도 기대해주세요~^^

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