My dear Fringies,

This is a post I never imagined having to make, just typing the words feels incredibly unreal. Aimee Long (@aimeeinchains), Fringenuity co-founder, incredible friend, and unbelievably dedicated and imaginative leader, passed away in her sleep late Tuesday evening. She is survived by her son, sister, mother, great-grandmother, and fiance.

I'm in shock, and completely at a loss for how to process this news, or what to say at the moment, except that I know how much she loved all of you, and how very proud she was of this community - not just of the things we've accomplished, but of the way we came together and became a family. Fringe, and the Fringedom, made her so very happy.

We will be organizing a tribute to Aimee when we've had some time to process and can think a little clearer. For now I'd ask you to keep her family in your thoughts/prayers, and grateful for each other, and for your loved ones. If you'd like to honor her in the mean time, find someone to be kind to, or make a charitable donation in her honor. She'd like that.


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