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6th Nov 2013 from TwitLonger

[@CNBLUE_4 Tweet Trans] http://twitpic.com/dk8n61 Hello This is JungShin. You're doing well right? I'm doing well too~ This picture!!! Lee JungShin's Reply 1994?! H The 4 years old me was very cute right? When I went home I took it from photo album~ hh A cute boy hh Today too have a nice day~ I wish all of you will have fun doing things you usually do~ If something bad happens, let's just laugh it off~! That's good for mental health maybe. Well!! Let's have a good day~~ Examinees/applicants especially, Fighting!!!"

@CNBLUE_4: "안녕하세요 정신입니다. 잘지내고 있죠? 저두 잘지내고 있어요~~이 사진!!! 이정신의 응답하라1994?!ㅎ 4살 때 저예요 정말 귀엽지 않나요? 집에 갔을때 사진앨범에 있더라구요~ㅎㅎ귀여운놈ㅎㅎ 오늘도 좋은 하루되시고~ 모든 일들 즐겁게 하시길 바래요~ 나쁜 일이 생겨도 그냥 웃고 넘깁시다~! 그게 정신건강에도 좋아요 maybe. 자!! have a good day되실게요~~ 수험생 여러분들은 특히 더 화이팅!!!" http://twitpic.com/dk8n61

Examinees/applicants here is the student who takes CSAT (Collage Scholastic Ability Test) today~^^

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