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6th Nov 2013 from TwitLonger

Here was #Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin's comments on former Stanford teammate Jonathan Martin:
"Just to generalize the question I guess I would say that I’m extremely disappointed in the reaction that I think has been generated from this entire event. I’m trying not to say too much about it but I think a lot of people might look at Jonathan Martin and think that he’s soft because he stepped away from the game, say ‘why don’t’ you just fight him?’ Well if you look at it with common sense and being logical, what options did Jonathan Martin have? He could either fight Richie Incognito. He could go and tell on the players which we know in the football locker room doesn’t go over too well. Or he could remove himself from the situation and let the proper channels take care of itself. And I think he made the intelligent, smart choice without putting himself or Richie Incognito’s physical abilities in danger. I know Jonathan Martin as a person, I know his character, I know he is a great guy, a great friend of mine, and he’s never been in trouble. I can only speak about him. So for this situation to be as serious as it has become, it has to be something serious that is going on."

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