#benghazi #syria A few weeks ago #BarackObama signed a secret #CIA program to arm the rebels

Jordanie : comment la CIA livre des armes aux rebelles syriens

Jordan: how the CIA delivers weapons to Syrian rebels


[Is this really America anymore, when we only learn the truth from our enemies?]

In the greatest secrecy, convoys of vehicles entering the night in Syria, from the eastern desert of Jordan.

With the help of Bedouins, Land Cruiser rebels are heading to the suburbs of Damascus, where the surrender of weapons is filmed.

It is called the tri-border area. A portion of desert on the borders of Jordan, Syria and Iraq, where the boundaries are lost in the sands.

Historically, the smugglers have made their kingdom.

For nearly a year, this is where the CIA and Jordanian partner GID supervise weapons convoys delivered secretly to Syrian rebels to help them face the army of Bashar al-Assad.

“Our eight cars leave the dark of Roueished, south of the Jordanian border, described Anwar, a part of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), an ally of the West against Damascus.

The first two Land Cruiser are occupied by CIA agents. Behind roll our other five vehicles packed weapons.

An eighth car closes the convoy aboard a joint CIA-GID team. ”

After three kilometers Syria, U.S. and Jordanian spy turned back, leaving Anwar and the rest of the kitchen back to the Ghouta and Rif (the suburbs) to Damascus.

Two hundred and forty kilometers of a hazardous night journey of ten hours on the “road of the Bedouins” meant saving their dams in the regular army.

Every thirty kilometers a checkpoint ASL was placed with Bedouins that the CIA trained to use GPS in Jordan. “Their son working with the rebels,” Anwar smiled.

320 tons of weapons conveyed by Anwar between February and August

Thanks to the secure communication system that Westerners have provided the insurgents remain in constant contact with major American ears.

“Sometimes, says Anwar, the CIA even sends surveillance drones that penetrate up to 150 km on Syrian territory to warn us against the pitfalls that Bashar’s army could reach us. ”

Each week for several convoys, fifteen tons of weapons have joined les320 tons of weapons conveyed in Syria between February and August deposits ASL in the suburbs of Damascus.

Other cargoes go to Deraa in the south-western Syria, always from the tri-border area.

The arsenal includes Kalashnikovs, rocket launchers, assault rifles, but also the anti-aircraft and anti-tank.

“We even had Israeli missiles Law says Anwar, but the elders of the first generation.

“Either some 320 tons conveyed by Anwar between February and August. Since the flow of weapons has slowed.

Financed by Saudi Arabia, the weapons were purchased on the black market Ukraine and Bulgaria before being transported in C-17 to Saudi discrete military airports in the south of Jordan.

They are then transported to the base of Azraq in the north, near Syria.

“Incidentally, the Jordanian army takes a little” warned a Western military.

In the suburbs of Damascus acquired rebellion, Anwar and his men then distribute to several non-Islamist battalions of ASL, not to film parts storage and send the video

– via a secure communication –

the room operations in Amman, where meet their Western and Arab supporters.

These indeed require to have proof that the weapons have arrived and to the right recipients.

Fifteen operations cells

Around Damascus, ASL has a dozen operations cells. Each is connected to the operations room in Amman, where is determined by the upstream distribution of arms to the rebels.

A second war room is installed in Turkey to northern Syria. Previously, cells send their operations needs in Amman.

“Sometimes, some weapons are delivered according to a pre-planned operation with the West,” said part of the ASL.

The operation room Amman is controlled by Saudi Prince Sultan Bin Salman, brother Bandar, the head of the intelligence services of the kingdom, or in his absence by an American.

Meet there, alongside Jordan, a representative of the donor countries:

Britain, France, Italy, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Turkey

and sent to Saad Hariri, the Lebanese Sunni leader, close to Saudi Arabia.

“The meetings could last seven to eight hours, recalls Anwar. And continue late into the night at the Four Seasons Hotel in the capital. ”

During the first six months of the year, 600 tons of weapons would be reached to opponents of Assad from Jordan.

“These weapons have enabled us to move forward, ensures Anwar.

We were confident the regime would fall. In April, we had even planned to launch the battle of Damascus. ”

A few weeks ago, after a visit to Jordan, Barack Obama signed, but not without considerable hesitation, a secret CIA program to arm the rebels.

“The Americans were indeed very involved,” says Anwar, who himself received delivered by the CIA somewhere Jordan instruction.

“They always are, he says, but with the prospect of a political solution with the Geneva Conference, the weapons since September passages are unfortunately rare. ”

Damascus has threatened retaliation Jordan

Jordanians and Americans want to believe in a political solution to a conflict that has killed over 120,000 Syrians.

Since their rear base in Amman, many rebels were disappointed.

The Hashemite Kingdom still retains a lot of weapons intended for them, including the tank.

“If we provided the Jordanians could bring down the regime in 60 days down, swears Amer, another part of the ASL folded in Amman.

But do they really want?

“This young native of Deraa probably know that the Assad army has managed to intercept a convoy of at least weapons.

Damascus responded by threatening retaliation Jordan, from which restricts illegal crossings.

“We feel that the revolution has served as a pretext for Arab regimes to tell their people watching if you shake it the same thing will happen in Syria, instability and chaos! “Says Amer.

Jordanian fears are added-measures against the Syrian regime, which closed 17 roads supply weapons to the suburbs of Damascus.

While deploying units, regular army also dug an embankment along some portions of the Jordanian border.

“She really target the convoys of weapons, either south but near Turkey and even in Lebanon,” says the Western military expert.

Many of these weapons were also sold, including some leaders of the ASL.

They were sometimes stolen by jihadist groups that kidnap executives ASL in some villages where convoys pass, before demanding their release in exchange for ammunition came from Jordan.

And then there is the action of some heads of battalions enjoy their privileged relations with the Gulf countries to recover solo dozens of tons of weapons, which will end at the hands of radical Islamists.

“And after the fall of the regime, they turn against us,” complains Anwar, moderate.

“Westerners are hypocrites”

“The Jordanians and Americans do not control everything that happens at the border,” warns the Western military.

“When the Saudi aircraft land in Jordan, the CIA is present in one way or another, he added.

But what makes some wince countries like France and Jordan at the moment, is that the chain end these weapons do not go where they should go.

“The soldiers of the kingdom are constantly repeating:

” If the Syrian regime falls, says one of their speakers, 700 Jordanian Salafists who are there will reapply! So especially do not arm, they tell us. Alas, concedes that source, several Gulf countries play their own card. ”

Disgusted by losses, Anwar went to see his friends in the CIA to tell them they should be more vigilant.

“We have new guys, they are different, do not worry, it’ll get better! “They promised him.

Without convincing:

“The Americans say they do not want to deal with the Islamists, but on the ground, it’s something else. “What to do?

“We are dependent on those countries that open and close the tap at will,” says Anwar, who railed against their unfulfilled promises.

“One day, the French asked us what we needed? “Recalls the rebel leader who responded Milan missiles and Immersat phones.

“Unfortunately, we did not receive anything. And after we have proposed to train 120 officers, French recanted. ”

“Westerners are hypocrites, adds Amer, another part of the rebellion.

They manipulate public opinion by saying they do not give us weapons and at the same time, they do not care about us in delivering a trickle.

But one thing is for sure: people will never back down, he will fight until the fall of Bashar. “

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