Unknown Perspectives

Only a niche group of people in the world can relate to the position I’ve been in in my life for the past 6 eventful years. Ever imagine being up close and personal with the 1% in the world. My life has been shaped around this lifestyle due to fortune success of someone who has been close to me and will always be. Money, glamour, expensive dinners, nice cars, recognition is only part of the package that comes with the price of fame. Having been associated with this lifestyle for the past 6 years, I’ve seen the other piece of the package from my perspective. It’s not always glamour when all eyes are on you, criticizing your every move, wanting everything to do with your life. These people get nitpicked specifically because they have been gifted with a talent that they have the opportunity to share with the world and do what they love for a living.

It is definitely an experience to be able to do whatever you’ve dreamed of with your best friend that has worked hard to achieve, travelling the world, driving nice cars, not having to worry about the decimals. I’m fortunate enough to be along for the amazing ride. But, with all that comes a price to pay. You deal with various situations that aren’t normal for someone to experience as a 19 year old film student attending college. You deal with hate, unusual attention from people you wouldn’t usually associate with who come with unusual requests that places me as the middle man. Living the life I live essentially is living with an alias. I live two lives. One day I could be flying to an exotic destination sipping Coronas on the white sandy beaches having the time of my life with my best friend, or I could be waiting for the bus on Oxford Street on my way to a 3 O’Clock class.

For me, I find it difficult to balance these two lives. Both lives coincide with each other which makes it hard in some insistences to differ between the two. To put it in perspective, imagine being away with, in the eyes of other people, the biggest superstar in the world, but to you, he’s your best friend, the same kid you grew up watching Youtube videos, playing soccer, and sharing laughs with. Imagine the difficulty of keeping relationships you truly care for back home when you’re away having the time of your life. Keeping those relationships means a lot to me and I do everything I can for the ones I love. Sharing your experiences with people back home that may never get to live the same experiences in their lifetime is definitely a whirlwind too. It’s truly a blessing. I stay true to the way I was raised. Yes, I do have my own dreams and aspirations of becoming an accomplished filmmaker in my lifetime, but it’s been my mission since day one to accomplish that by working hard and creating a name for myself. Yes, I may be best friend’s with someone with an immense amount of power and who can help me get my foot in the door, but from there, it boils down to me and what I’m capable of making happen with my skills.

People will always paint a picture of you without actually getting to know you. That’s life. We as humans, have instincts to judge someone off of their imagine. Don’t assume. Get to know someone. It’s especially hard when you’re in the situation that I am. I’m always surprised when I get a statement directed at me saying that when someone met me I was “surprisingly nice”. What does that mean? I’m as human as you. I am very humble to my roots. Common misconceptions.

Don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy my life and what the future holds for me. I love the people who are in my life at the moment and hope they are forever. I’ve met so many great people in the past 6 years that I thank so much for every piece of advice they’ve given me and help lead me towards a successful future. I love my Best Friend and am ever grateful to be able to be along for this crazy ride. I’m not rich, no. I work hard to make my own money, pay my own bills, and get myself through College so I can graduate with the right credentials for future jobs in the industry I wish to pursue. My name is Ryan Butler and this is my story.

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