Hey guys, I know there has been a lot of buzz about the @ChefsForSeals campaign over the past couple of days. This is a very important issue and I'd like to share where I stand on this. I love Canada and the friendly people there always give me a real, warm reception every time I visit. I also support and use a variety of incredible Canadian ingredients. As a chef, I care strongly about sourcing my seafood from sustainable and humane fisheries. I signed the Chefs for Seals pledge after learning about the unnecessary and inhumane slaughter of baby seals for their fur. It is my hope that Canada's fishing industry will end this cruel and needless slaughter as soon as possible. However, the scope of my partnership with Chefs for Seals has been misrepresented by @HumaneSociety. I would like to clarify that I lend my support to Canadian fisheries that do not engage in the needless slaughter of baby seals for their fur.

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