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Dear #followers & friends:

Feel free to share this around with those you deem could participate as expert panelists, in the areas of humanrights, extra-judicial assassinations, crowdfunding, grants, and documentation and research of the first two subjects.

Ariel Fornari posted to Dee Shanger #facebook
9 minutes ago

Dee-It's possible our SMS conex. cud be interfered with-the gist of my SMSs is that we need ASAP a 10 pm slot (On @OccupyToronto #Livestream) to brainstorm a human rights/extra-judicial assassinations funding project here in #DominicanRepublic-Ever since #tainostreams streamed the "Los Ciruelitos" stream #O23, life has changed for us in certain terms-let me explain-up 'till now we've concentrated on #mininginjustice and corruption actions here in D. R.-It seems like Destiny drew us inexorably on that date of October 23rd, to do something we had never done before, to stream an activity in which we knew beforehand we would expose ourselves into clear and present danger. I had seen on Dominican TV MSM earlier, how that there had been two fatalities at Los Ciruelitos neighborhood in Santiago connected with the popular movements protests of October 22/23, little did I know it was not very far from where I lived. I had some sources to check out the situation at the entrance to the neighborhood which informed me that it was possible to enter on the 23rd, and that a heavy police/military presence was at the main entrance checkpoint by a main avenue. Me and my journo friend proceeded to the entrance point, and I talked to the police commander on site, concerning whether we would be allowed entrance-he smiled and said it would be ok for us to go in, then my journo colleague proceeded ahead of me with my Cannon FS300, and I followed him later on to the center of the action-the wakes of the two young victims-I was able to stream the wake of one as you know, but as I proceeded to stream the wake of the younger (16-year old) victim, there was a large contingent of young Dominican tough hombres, which in no uncertain terms told us to quit "recording", one of them insisted I showed him the recordings-and I was completely surrounded by a large group of these aggressive young men, and the looks on some of their faces I would best describe as..."either you kill me or I kill you".......in conclusion as I mentioned before, we obtained an excellent interview of a popular movements leader on site-In short, we now see the real need to commence documenting/researching these extra-judicial killings of young Dominican males here in connection with popular movements protests which on the most part, are for legitimate social grievances by the poor masses which constitute the large majority of the Dominican population-For that we visualize funding through either crowdfunding or grants, and we need to start an outreach of experts/guests in different fields and various countries, in order to form some sort of expert panel to advise us-Perhaps some more planning would be advisable instead of attempting to "improvise" this in a helter skelter way, so we need your expert advise on this-You as moderator of this special show, and me as main proponent of this project, with the participation of expert guests would be the subject of this Livestream show-Perhaps we need more time to outreach different guests that could bring their expertise to this panel, as the more heads the better-I think perhaps then, a more methodical approach to this special show would be advisable, so when you fix your current hardware problem, please notify us so we can both start fixing a date for this show. Yarrrrrr!

Note1: For those who did see #tainostreams #O23 live or our archives, here's the #facebook page where we posted those Ustreams:


Note2: As follow-up to #tainostreams #O23, my Dominican journo friend is currently attempting contact with a prominent popular movements leader, to grant us an exclusive interview via #tainostreams, to be mirrored on @OccupyToronto #Livestream as well as other #OWS #Livestream channels. This popular movements leader's life has been under threat, and his house has been arbitrarily searched by authorities.

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