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28th Oct 2013 from TwitLonger

#Aggers translated interview in full here:

"I came here to play football, i came here to fulfill my dream, and I’m still living in that dream. [on how far he is in his dream] I’m not saying it’s approaching its end, but I’ve had many experiences, many good experiences with LFC. I owe them alot for that."

[do you still have some small football related dreams?] "Yes of course, if I didn’t have them, then maybe I should quit. Because setting goals is a part of being a football player. [what are those dreams?] Here and now, I really want to play CL again with Liverpool. That is one of those things we are fighting for this season. It’s a hard fight, but I think we have the team to do it.

[On injuries] "I’ve had a career that has been up and down, many great experiences on field, and many negative experiences with injuries. When I think about, which I don’t do often, then it annoys me that I’ve had so many injuries. Because I feel, that when im 100 % then I have so much to offer."

[About Barca interest]"It was a cadeu to me that a club like that was interested. I still think that. To me they are the best football team. To be linked with that is a big thing. But other than I haven’t really thought about it."

[what could make you leave Liverpool, football wise?] "First and foremost if I don’t play. If the manager doesn’t think I’m good enough. Im here to play football. If I cant play I don’t want to be here anymore."

Danish interview is here: … You may have to search for it. But just write Agger in the search bar. Might be geoblocked though. It's called "TV: PÅ BESØG HOS DANIEL AGGER I LIVERPOOL"

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