[FANACCOUNT] 20131024 IAG Roadshow in Vietnam - Meeting JYJ in the rehearsal

“So happy that I had a chance to see JYJ upclose like this.”

In the rehearsal, Junsu looked like a super star. He listened and discussed with the director intently while Yoochun and Jaejoong, who seemed getting well along with each other, sometimes chatted and played around.

When the 1st round of the rehearsal began, Junsu sang first while the other two still on the discussion with the director. His voice is so perfect. So high and beautiful. The interesting thing that while singing and walking around the podium on stage, he slipped and almost fell off due to taking notice a fan who is a bodyguard here doing a heart-shape-sign sending to him kkk. While the boys doing the rehearsal, I planned to do some heart-shape-sign to catch their attention and Jaejoong did notice my love message. He turned his head, looked at me, smiled and later talked with Yoochun. Yoochun also turned his head to look me but not sure whether he looked at my love message sending to him kkk. /I think I was in heaven at the time/

The boys sang Get Out and other songs. They danced and played around with the dancers. Most of the time, they dance and laughed a lot with the dancers.

The second round, I stopped taking photos and focused on their dancing and sometimes sent them some love message (by doing a heart-shape-sign). And here he came, Jaejoong noticed me and smiled again T_T. In the second round, I tried to remember all their unique figures. Yoochun wore the same clothes that we saw on JYJ LINE. Junsu and Yoochun did not looked chubbier in real life. Jaejoong is quite thin T_T Yoochun wore a beanie and black sweatshirts, sneakers. Even though he did not dress stylish as the other two, but Yoochun evoked the charisma that I could not describe. In real life, Yoochun does not look like a famous star, he just like a naughty kid, a normal friendly young man that u can meet everywhere. Yoochun's real life charisma differs from what we have seen on TV. Compared to with normal men, Yoochun looks thinner.

While JYJ doing their rehearsal, I took out my handbanner “Fly with JYJ”* to wave at them, and Jaejoong noticed it. He nodded his head, smiled and back to singing. I could not describe how happy I was at the time.

When the boys sang Empty, Jaejoong was so high and he kept dancing, playing around with dancer. He was singing and dancing happily. Only One time, the turn of playing around left to Yoochun kkk He was so cheerful at the time. Junsu was also excited. He moved to the middle stage doing his move like waving and dancing with the music enthusiastically.

After rehearsing, Yoochun took off the sun glasses and continued chatting and playing around despire his sweat pouring like rain. He came back to the hotel with the smile on his face.

The boys did have a great time there.

*Handbanner “Fly with JYJ” is one of many projects organized by JYJ Vietnam Fans Union (JYJFamily Vietnam – CielJJ - KJSSmile) to welcome JYJ back to Vietnam

Credit: Pe_iu_Su + Nakjrj + yoochunskkk@JYJFamilyVN
E-trans: black_autumn@JYJFamilyVN

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