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27th Oct 2013 from TwitLonger

[FANACCOUNT] 20131024 IAG Roadshow in Vietnam - Meeting Yoochun in the rehearsal

The fan here is Chunsa ^^

"It's my first time seeing Yoochun upclose, eventhough from the back."

In the rehearsal, Yoochun wore a beanie and black sweatshirts , sneakers ,the same clothes that we saw on JYJ Line. Even he wore sun glasses which covered most of his face, i still could recognize his curved lips and lum cheeks. In the rehearsal, Yoochun mostly kept calm and chatted a lil bit, but once the music was played, he was back to his naughty mode.

As a singer and actor, Yoochun still can dance pretty well and smoothly. Once he sang, he voice can kill fangirl's heart. It's so emotional, smooth and sensational. Yoochun seemed so hyper in the rehearsal. He danced, played around and sang a lot. He looked so happy at the time.

After rehearsing, Yoochun took off the sun glasses and continued chatting and playing around despire his sweat pouring like rain. After the rehearsal, he came back to the hotel with the smile on his face.

In real life, Yoochun does not look like a famous star, he just like a naughty kid, a normal friendly young man that u can meet everywhere. Yoochun's real life charisma differs from what we have seen on TV. In real life Chun is also petite. His face is small. Compared to with normal men, Yoochun looks thinner.

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