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24th Oct 2013 from TwitLonger

Now that I've slept for awhile and am thinking more clearly I want to clear up the situation a bit~

I have nothing against people who are residing in a region long-term from playing in a qualifier for that region. When I was at WCS ro8 last weekend, Polt was wondering if he could play so I asked them if it was possible, and explained he is staying here for school; and has been for awhile. And they said he was

Yesterday, this first came up when goswser came on (he just got off a flight from LA -> Toronto for WCS Season Finals casting) and he realized his next opponent was Apocalypse (playing under a smurf) who is not a legal resident of USA or Canada (requirement according to the rules (found here: http://cevo.com/event/redbull-battlegrounds/rules/). He has just come from Korea to play in WCS NA ro16, and has not been staying here long term (I even asked him at WCS when we were chatting and he said he lives in Seoul, Korea). All you had to do to actually sign up was to be using an IP within Canada or USA and in the sign up form say you are from one of those countries/at least 18/etc for the system to let you through. Anything else was up to the admin to deal with

Goswser set up to play the semifinals on a laptop in his hotel room, just after arriving, and talks to the admin wondering what is going on, why is there a Korean player in here?? It's supposed to be NA only. The admin tells me that he has a "temporary visa" and his manager talked to them so he is allowed to play in the qualifier. So dobler plays and gets knocked out in the semifinals

He is part of our Skype chat and of course we all know about it by now and are annoyed (it's like if MC/MMA/Genius/Duckdeok was playing European qualifiers while in Europe to play his WCS EU matches even though they don't actually live there). And Major was already mad at this qualifier because he wasn't allowed to play even though he does live in North America (because it would be more trouble for Red Bull to clear Mexican players); so Koreans are playing this but not the people it is supposed to be reserved for~?. I haven't played my ro4 match yet (vs State, who is playing IEM qualifiers at this time, so I have to wait), and I start talking to the admin myself. It turns out the temporary visa is just the b2 they issue you when you fly to USA from certain countries without applying for one prior (for travel/visits/etc; they also give this to us when we say we are going there for a tournament). It technically is for 6 months (or maybe 3 months from some countries, idk), but they only give it to us because we say we will be here for just 1 weekend, or 1 week, etc. I know when coLryze was going to the coL team house he tried saying he was going to stay there for a few months and they denied him at the airport and didn't let him through. But when they do let you through, they always give you the same duration, you're just not supposed to stay more than you say (the issue ViOlet had afaik; he technically didn't overstay his Visa but he was living there on a temporary b2; which you're absolutely not supposed to do).

So I explain this to the admin and he tells me that he has no control over removing ineligible players, and he has to talk to red bull legal about it the next day to sort it out (after the entire tournament is finished, ruining it). I get annoyed by this and say some things I shouldn't have :<. Then me and goswser contact someone from redbull (we had just been there for the WCS ro8->finals a few days prior). And receive the responses "I'm looking into it"; and then the same "it will be decided tomorrow whether he is disqualified but you MUST play out the bracket today.

I go on to win the semifinals against State and now I'm matched up against Apocalypse myself. We've been talking to the admin on and off for 2 hours at the point and its clear that they will do nothing and so I have to play what are effectively meaningless games (he should be dq the next day so they mean nothing). At this point I'm annoyed (what's the point of having a tournament admin if they're not allowed to do anything??) and sick/tired (only slept once since Monday morning, it's now Wednesday night ~ because there were a bunch of qualifiers going on and I had a 18 hour trip from LA back to Kingston). I made the poor decision of actually playing the games yesterday when I really shouldn't have; and just rushed to get them done, not really caring about what happened; and starting them asap without inviting casters cause I thought the games were pointless ~_~ I'm sorry to everyone watching/casting for doing this; it was worse than just not playing out the games (but I needed to make a point)

But the main issue is someone who is just here for a weekend tournament playing in a qualifier reserved for North American players; and the admin doing nothing to fix it

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