I've been warned that this is not a "smart" move but I have to show my support to @AdamGlass44, the writing team and our execs.
To those who were upset by yesterday's episode, I apologize that it didn't go the way you would have wanted, but I really hope you can understand that the writers write for the characters, for the story arc and not the fandom. That isn't to say they don't care about the fandom, cause that is faaaar from the truth. They are online and they love to interact with the fandom because they do care. Same goes with the cast.
Except Jensen that is, who lives under a rock. Everyday he yells "Thank you so much! I-I just.. thank you!" at the router on set because Jared explained to him that's where the SPNFamily hangs out.
I think that's one of the best things about this show though! The fans are vocal about what they love, and what they hate and then the writers read your comments with thought, they respond and sometimes they'll even get ideas from those interactions. But don't think that they would write an episode just to offend any particular group(s) of the fandom. They write to make the most possible drama (this situation makes it a pun?) for the show, for the story. When you have a character like Castiel discovering human life for the first time, we want to see him do everything! It makes sense to look at the basic needs first, so shelter, clothing, food and sex. And there it is in that episode. Cleanliness was next but they didn't get there yet..

Yes it could still suck a bit, and I might be more into it once I finish the rest of the show most likely but let me shed some hope to an ailing group! I'll try to, anyways.

I don't know too much about this show I'm in.. but isn't Supernatural a show where anything can happen? Especially things that are.. not natural?
So whether or not what happened on this episode actually makes anything even remotely permanent.. who knows? but it's a good bet that things will change. Even the writers don't really know all the time! If they did, Kevin would be dead in season 7's finale and that would be terrible! Right?! Yes? Maybe? Well at least I can thank the angels for that one.

So let's look at what we do know.

Angel Cas was Angel Cas. Now he's human and basically a completely new.. well he's a person now. With no powers, new needs, new wants. Mankind used to pray to Angel Cas. Mankind now eats hotdogs made my Human Cas, sometimes they throw change at him. If Cas one day turns back into an Angel, or a demon, or anything else, you can bet things would change too. If he were turned into a puppy, I can bet you he would really like Kevin's dog (cause Kevin would get a dog if Cas turned into a puppy) or even Sam's kitten (Sam would get a Kitten).

All of this to say that anything is possible with this show! Characters start one way, they transform into something else, they go back to their original state or they change some more. It's all possible. And it's what we love about this show.
Every single one of your comments are appreciated but I would love to squeeze out the negativity. Though I could easily be ignorant and continue my happy go lucky ways and avoiding any type of confrontation since I rarely ever see any of the drama brewing in the dark dens of the internet, It pains me to see what could be constructive criticism turning to attacks going every which way. This show changed my life and it means the world to me. The same goes for the people involved in creating it, making it happen and the people who continue to support it, the SPNFamily.
I don't think I could ever properly thank every single one of you, but I will always try.

I don't think any show will ever be able to make everyone happy but I urge you to see the glass as half full. We still have a show! And it's not all that bad! Sometimes I wish for some things and it doesn't happen, but at least I get that other thing.

I think my fandom is actually the Supernatural communities. The writers, the fandom, the cast, the crew, all the ships, all the ports. I just want everyone to play nice together and constantly hugging! Can we get a few episodes of that?

Which makes me realize that if the writers were actually just writing the show based off of the majority of fan reactions, we would just have Team Free Will sipping hot chocolate safely in the Men of Bunkers and hugging every second episode to recover from the feels of the last episode. The most dramatic moment would be Sam burning his tongue on the hotness of the cocoa, and the rest of TFW sorts that out with water and massages. Well that doesn't sound so bad actually.. would probably get through a ton of marshmallows.