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20th Oct 2013 from TwitLonger

A thank you from me to all of you for supporting and a very special thank you to @jonnawalsh

Three years ago today I launched a one page support page for Jonna Walsh. For those that remember, the page was simple. It showcased her career highlights, mentioned some current events and had links to various projects on her IMDB page. The first big story ever posted on her site was the video release of Lee DeWyzes’ ‘Sweet Serendipity’ video. I clearly remember us tweeting back and forth watching his site for the video to go live. When it did, it was immediately linked on the site. This was the first time that I had ever heard of Lee as well. The song has many special (and different) meanings for both of us. It is the cornerstone around which the site was built. Some have asked why that video is on the main page, and now you know. It’s a very personal piece of history that has spawned this site.

I became aware of Jonna on twitter as she was promoting her reoccurring role on ‘No Ordinary Family’. She would live tweet with her episodes and answer questions. I asked many questions and she was always gracious in her replies. I have always believed in her talent. When I tried to learn more about her, I realized there was no official site and honestly not that much available on her career. I decided to create a support page for her. Originally, it was very low maintenance, simplistic in design and just highlighted current events. As I found more information, the site morphed into what it has become today. On January 16, 2013 this site grew past 6,000 unique visitors. At this point, it deserved to have a better (easier to search) web presence so that’s when launched. Since then almost 4700 more people have visited the site. I, do this day am amazed from the support. It would not be successful without all of you. Thank you for your tweets, favorites, RTs, FB, instagram, emails and simply spreading the word. The site is for you, the fans, to keep up to date on Jonnas’ career. I have met many amazing people over the past for years thanks to this site. I am humbled by your continued support. My goal is simple, I am trying to make an online portfolio of Jonnas’ career. I don’t know if I am succeeding, but
I am trying very hard.

None of this would even be possible if not for Jonna. She encourages me, supports me and allows me to do this for her. What became as a fan page as grown into a very real friendship which has been built on mutual trust and respect. Honestly everyone, I do this now to support my friend and help her career. Many of you have noticed we use ‘friend’ all the time when referring to one another. It is a term of endearment and respect for one another. There is mutual appreciation, love and respect. Sometimes our private friendship crosses over into this very public relationship and I just wanted to thank everyone for your respect when it comes to our (hers mostly) privacy.

So in conclusion, thank each and everyone one of you for your continued support. Jonna, my dear friend, congratulations on all your success. Thank you for allowing me to come along for the ride. The success of this site hopefully has helped your career. If the site shut down tomorrow, I am very fortunate to have made such a wonderful friend. You truly have had a very positive influence on my life. Best wishes, continued happiness, health and success. Sending much positivity and love to you always. You are an amazing person and I am better for having you in my life.

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