Hi Councillors,

Anyway, now that I've got your attention with the above request, can I ask a straight question?

How about posting to the ever popular Wirral Globe website along with the rest of us, on the pressing issues of the day that regularly appear? (the stories pop up with increasing regularity and appear to key in very closely with the returning spectre of council scandals)

Why not be seen to engage publicly with the electorate on the burning issues, rather than sitting mute in the chamber? This would be a 'virtual' chance to spread your wings and to engage with the people who put you there in the first place.

What's going on? Have you all been whipped into line and told you're not permitted to make your views known on internet forums? Or is it the accepted 'culture' to play your cards close to your chest, collect the expenses for years on end, hoping no-one notices and then become "all things to all men" a few days before an election?

If I was a councillor I could not live with myself knowing I'd lain down prostrate, grovelling before executive bullies and become a "wet blanket", a "powderpuff" or a "pushover".

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