Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate Scarlett in the Axiom house anymore, we now have 8 players there which is absolute max capacity, with 3 sleeping rooms configured in 4:2:2 and the practice room which fits 8 desks at a squeeze. Providing accommodation to Innovation and our new Zerg player Impact while Scarlett was taking a break changed the situation in the house as of a few weeks ago and attempts to find another solution were unsuccessful. It is a 4 bedroom house, but its not a large one and Korean houses, this one included, generally lack storage space. This means the 4th, smallest bedroom was converted into a storage room for 8 members of the house. We are also housing The_STC after he had to leave the STX house when STX disbanded. He is an old friend of the team and is also helping to pay the rent and costs of the villa. He doesn't have another Korean teamhouse to go to so we're not going to kick him out.

Now that the GOM house is closed, housing options for foreign players are greatly limited in Korea. It's actually a problem that I feel most people haven't thought about simply because the willingness to go to Korea to train and compete has been much diminished by the WCS system, but the fact of the matter is there aren't many places to go and even the EGTL house has closed, leaving no foreign housing options in Korea at all. If we had a bigger place, we would house more foreign players including Scarlett, but we're very limited and already housing the absolute limit of what we're comfortable with. Adding even one more person to the house would force a player to sleep on the floor, which is certainly not ok. We will happily continue to provide housing rent-free to our partners in Team Acer when it is practical to do so, but right now we are absolutely at capacity and that's an unfortunate but practical reality we're facing.