Firstly, I don't believe that Roy Hodgson meant anything untoward with his comment or choice of words.
But I find it really interesting that the person who was offended, the person who spoke to the press, is being tagged as 'the bad guy'.
As humans, I'm sure there are things that bother each one of us that someone else may not understand.
If this person felt offended, surely that is their PERSONAL feeling. But instead of slagging them off, should we not be asking why that person felt so offended? Why they wince when they hear the word 'monkey' and think of the racist connotations rather than the primate?
For me, the issue isn't whether they should be named, whether they should have spoken to the press or whether this is damaging to the England team.
To me, the biggest problem is that a young man in 2013 has been so damaged by hatred and bigotry somewhere in his life, that an innocent choice of words can make him feel that way.
That makes me really sad!

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