Here is the text of the proposed preamble of the Latvian constitution in English (NB! Unofficial translation)

For the purposes of ensuring the existence of Latvian ethnic nation through centuries, the preservation and development of the Latvian language and culture, the welfare, prosperity of each individual and all people,

The people of Latvia,

- Whereas the Republic of Latvia, proclaimed on 18th November 1918, upon the territory of historical lands of ethnic Latvians and as the result of the rise of national unity and consciousness, is founded on the basis of the adamant will of the Latvian ethnic nation and the inherent right of self-determination, with the aim of being able to make decisions freely and independently, and build their own future as the state nation of their own country;

- Remembering, that the people founded their state during a Freedom fighting, that they did not recognize occupying powers, resisted them and again won their freedom, restoring the independence of their state according to the principle of state continuity;

- Expressing gratitude to the founders of the state, honoring its fighters for freedom and preserving the memory the victims of foreign powers;

- Recognizing, that the main task of the Latvian state is to promote the spiritual, cultural and material welfare of the people, to provide legal order and security, protect the environment and surrounding nature, reconcile economic development with humanitarian values and individual needs;

- Acknowledging, that the democratic traditions of Latvia consist of the direct participation of citizens in the work of the state and parliamentary republic, and establishing, that the Latvian state in its activities, especially adheres to basic principles: democracy, rule of law, social responsibility and national state, recognizes and protects human rights, including the rights of minorities;

- Acknowledging, that the independence of the Latvian state, its territory, integrity, sovereignty of the people, the status of the Latvian language as the sole state language, and also the democratic state structure are inviolable and it is the duty of every person to defend these values;

- Stating, that it is the duty of every person to take care of themselves, its one's people and the common good of society, to demonstrate responsibility for the people around, the society, the state, the environment and surrounding nature and future generations;

- Recognizing, that our identity was substantially influenced by ethnic Latvian folk wisdom and Christian values, that the main values of society - are freedom, honesty, justice, solidarity, that the family is the basic unit of society, and that work is the basis for the development and well-being of the entire people;

- Accentuating the active involvement of Latvia in international processes, defending its interests and making its own contribution to the humanitarian, long-term, democratic and responsible development of Europe and the rest of the world

- In accordance with the ideas of a free, national country, as expressed in the national anthem "Dievs, svētī Latviju!" (God, Bless Latvia!), the freely elected Constitutional Assembly solidified the constitutional order of the Latvian state and adopted the following State Constitution

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