[TRANS] JYJ Junsu's unconditional 'OK' to fan requests during Genie Time, 'Explosive Popularity'

JYJ's member Kim Junsu (XIA)'s patented 'Genie Time' has become a hot topic.

Through Kim Junsu's personal 'Genie Time', with which he grants the wishes of fans during concerts, he has listened to a total of 70 wishes between his world tour last year and his Asia tour this year.

A representative of CJES Entertainment, Kim Junsu's agency, revealed, "'Genie Time' was created by Kim Junsu for his solo concerts and is a corner where he listens to the three fan wishes while on stage. As the last concert of his Asia tour has arrived, there is high expectation for the last concert's 'Genie Time'."

Through 'Genie Time', Kim Junsu has granted unsurprising wishes such as sexy dancing, Gwiyomi song, and 'write your name with your bottom' but has also sang acapella versions of 'The Greatest Love of All', "Love That Left Autumn Behind', and 'The Wind Blows' on-the-spot. During his concert in Brazil last year, he challenged the Samba dance and during his Busan concert, he showed fans his Busan accent, receiving positive responses from fans.

With experience from Kim Junsu's world tour of last year, fans who have now learned tricks and 'know-how' request songs while bringing lyric sheets with them, also sharing and discussing new ideas amongst themselves. Especially, fans used SNS on the afternoon of the 16th to discuss the last wishes of Kim Junsu's Asia Tour, enjoying 'Genie Time' as if it were a festival.

A concert staff stated, "No matter what fan wishes he receives, Kim Junsu tries his hardest to grant those wishes every time. I began to feel his sincerity. It's nice to see the sincerity of this time when he communicates directly with fans, listening to their wishes and words."

It's no surprise that fans have shown unlimited affection for 'Genie Time', leaving comments such as "I'm doing a survey for Kim Junsu's last 'Genie Time'", "This person~ He listens to us again and again! I feel very happy!" and "A concert without 'Genie Time' is like a red-bean bun without red-bean paste."

Kim Junsu will hold the last concert of his 'XIA 2nd Asia Tour in Japan' at 5:30PM on October 18th at Japan's Yokohama Arena.

Source: http://www.wowtv.co.kr/newscenter/news/view.asp?bcode=T30001000&artid=A201310160143