[Trans] 131015 1st Korean-titled song with full Korean lyrics topped iTunes Japan

With the iTunes chart last Oct 15, It is the first time ever for a song whose title is in Korean language (Hangeul) to win 1st place in iTunes Japan. Including Oricon rankings, it seems like this is the first time in the history of the major music charts in Japan to have a song in Hangeul to win 1st place.

The song that won 1st place is the solo song of JYJ’s Jejung called “햇살 좋은날 Shiny Day (feat. 이상곤)”, with that, Jaejoong has 2 number 1 songs this year.

When you search all music charts in Japan, one can’t find a title song in Hangeul to have ever ranked number 1. Therefore, it seems that햇살 좋은날 Shiny Day (feat. 이상곤) is the first one to have that record in history.

Songs from abroad winning 1st place is not unusual, around 99.9% of these songs have English titles (sometimes written in Katakana). There is none, however, from a Korean singer with full Korean lyrics and Korean title, that won 1st place.

It should be noted that a song by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi *, released in 2002, called Ai no Uta ~Chonmaru Sarangheyo (愛の唄 ~チョンマル サランヘヨ~), ranked no 3 in Oricon singles chart. However, the Korean part of title song is not written in Hangul but in Katakana. Therefore, a song title written in Hangul is indeed very rare.

Source: http://www.tnsori.com/archives/51985649.html

*member of Japanese boyband SMAP who is fluent in Korean
Jaejoong’s Sunny Day (or Shiny Day) topped Japan iTunes POP category two hours after it was released.
Then around 11 PM JST, it topped Japan iTunes ALL GENRES category.

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