[Trans] 131014 Xia Junsu to meet 33,000 fans in Yokohama concert

Kim Junsu will meet 33,000 fans as part of his Asian Tour finale at Yokohama Arena, Japan.

JYJ XIA Junsu has successfully completed a 3 day concert in Nagoya last week.

After the Nagoya concerts, XIA will continue to perform in Yokohama from Oct 14-16, selling out 33,000 seats and with 3x the applications received.

C-JeS entertainment official said, "XIA has prepared a hot stage for his fans and will perform Japanese songs - Ayaka's Minna Sora no Shita and Kobukuro's Tsubomi to exepress his gratitude for his fans."

Also, "His Japanese activities might be limited but there was a high interest for his solo tour in Japan. Japan fans like XIA's heartfelt vocals and are cheering enthusiastically for the title song 'Incredible'.

After completing his Yokohama tour, Kim Junsu will immediately come back to Korea and start practicing for his new musical December.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131014n16246

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