Here are my notes to myself for mix revisions of the evolving 'Casualties Of Cool' album. This is the 9th of these types of notes, and probably not the last :p

Dev Notes Casualties


Sub into middle with some shrapnel
more powerslide into verb verse
magic boards in last verse
another robot into last chorus
More mandolin when it starts
Reverb on end verse
fade out magic and ghosts, notes and verb


Add snare
add hit into 'all the ladies' and 'babies'
add low voice on 'Babies' line
add triplet into mid section
record tape echo in room intro into flight


add more sub on intro hit
add string swell after 'Red'
add breath before 'I am beyond all this' plus bigger string swell…
add more note on 'wish me the best ' 1
add spacial ambience to windy rainy mid
more crescendo into only wanted
'only wanted to say' up and more dramatic
ending, add heavy drums and radio effects (random stations)
crescendo into end more, plus bigger hit (piano, sub, explosion with shrapnel)

the code:

add odd keys quietly doubling intro banjo
quieter overall
miles away warble echo, add more but different and thinner
v2 add more harmony
Add strings to midsection and pizz in solo
extend last note of solo with voices and synth
make crescendo in kick section into last rhythm scarier


vocals too much high end? (slightly slightly slightly)
more reverb on vocals
last 'so we are' before chorus 1 down
chorus (both), add dave…more epic vocals (add low grumbles?)
add additional sax track to normalize volumes, check phase
add more 12 string on first lick into solo
Maybe add dev vocals, rhythm, Ki-like fading in…maybe with synth voice



cut hit at intro, ridding it of Che tape echo, add big reverb instead…change vibe for 3 seconds essentially.
build with filter small crescendo out of first chorus during 'ill fly away'
in mid section before solo…add verb to mix and get dreamy…stop at solo
add dream filter to mix in crescendo during last 'ill fly away'


Take one bit of chant, loop it…(in and out) (first currently audible one will work)
add bit of chant where rhythm starts… cover small click
clean one section, so its suddenly dry (different mix) then slowly back to wet (perhaps after one of the foghorn blasts, like it cleared the fog for a minute)

Forgive Me:

remove horn behind 'keep warm' in first break before v2…distracts from break
small grand piano or sub accent on first 'forgive me' break (very quietly)


add grand piano hit on last note of intro (E) quietly
add additional track of reverb on Che, bring it out on first 'bones' but primarily on chorus
…something in first break… ambience of some sort. Chair creak?
Perhaps add additional guitar doubling guitar melody?
Add real vibraphone in mid solo section. Digi sounds fake.
add grumble vox on dev mid…perhaps Logic tape echo track as well, very quietly


Jorgen multiphonics up
Demon up (add more sibilance on separate track) and pan opposite
after destructo hit, switch to dry mix, and slowly fade in real mix over 10 seconds
Add scream in fog after 'only cats abound'
Add deths to 'drown your brain'
pan guitar to the radio side during fade out
Add something dark to first death honk in wind outro
Pan secon che 'yes' into the left

The Field:

I still think this should sound entirely like its on the gramophone the traveller finds in the moon dust, the clean version can be on the b-sides. Makes The bridge excessive if the field is focussed on as an actual track…should sound cold and isolated.
…keep wind throughout track.
…perhaps the real track can slowly emerge as long as its not obvious.
Track should be very very quiet compared to all other tracks
Reprint with new string eq
Keep track slightly panned to the left, and quiet. Wind still in stereo.
print track with large reverb… this can be in stereo if quiet. SOunds like the gramophone itself is reverberating
Add more demos to last 'hustle'

The Bridge:

FInd way to get full symphony to play the main melody. Quartet too small
Add angels to intro ambience
Add long verb to half tone choir crescendo in first verse
Morgan up
Tune Umea choir up 0.9 cents
Second verse, raise master volume 0.7 db
Add subs to drum hits in v2
Add lots of echo to choir crescendo into Dev vocals before first hits
Make hits more violent
'souls on fire' more beautiful.
'Just let me go' minor key, use dry mix version
Boost last chorus significantly
Add timpani on last chorus
add dramatic trumpet melody on last chorus
Last chorus needs something dramatic… extra guitar perhaps
Piano stabs up
Build last 'Om's with backwards reverb crescendo
last 'amen' loud loud loud


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