It's 2 months before Christmas, but as promised, I'm doing a giveaway. I know it's a little late, but it's better than nothing.The only thing is that there's going to be one prize. Any purchase of $50 from (Tax and shipping not included in 50$ Meaning you can buy 2 $20 DVDs and a $10 action figure or something and even if that comes to $60, you're good)All you have to do to win is send a selfie of yourself smiling to with the subject [HIGHSPOTS CONTEST] and you'reentered in. 2 entries per person. I'll use . Boobs in selfie does increase your chances of winning, probably not.I'll stop accepting admissions on Halloween. Gives you enough time for a DVD you want to get stocked on Highspots. Isn't sponsored by Highspots or anything, I just like buying people stuff. So yeah. Get smiling I guess.:)That's 10 5$ Wrestling DVDs guys.

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