Had a response from @SciAm's press office...

Dear Martin,

My sincere apologies for my delayed response. Scientific American is taking this matter very seriously and as it is a weekend I have not yet heard back from all relative people on the various sides of the business. I appreciate an extension on responding to your questions as we very much want to be sure we address your query fully with due diligence.

In the meanwhile, Mariette DiChristina has posted the following enhanced statement:
"I'd like to elaborate on the original brief statement on Twitter that this blog fell outside Scientific American's mission to communicate science. While we interpret that mission with a lot of latitude, Dr. Lee's post went beyond and verged into the personal, and that's why it was taken down. Dr. Lee's post is out extensively in the blogosphere, which is appropriate. Dr. Lee is a valued member of the Scientific American blog network. In a related matter, Biology Online has an ad network relationship, and not an editorial one. Obviously, Scientific American does not want to be associated with activities that are detrimental to the productive communication of science. We are pursuing next steps."

I will be in touch more tomorrow with additional information.

Very best,

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