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10th Oct 2013 from TwitLonger

[Trans] Interview of press conf of MHIYD (Choice of future).

When Yonghwa was asked, "CNBLUE members are doing acting, what advice do you give each other?", he answered, "We just troll each other whether he is doing well or not. That's how we monitor."

"CNBLUE members are active in acting, what words do you give each other", Yonghwa answered, "We are not interested in each other." It made people laugh.

Yonghwa said, "Acting chaebol for the first time is difficult in many ways. The script was like , 'Seju eating noodles, even his eating posture is luxurious.' So I couldn't eat casually. I tried to roll it on the chopsticks, but since the noodle was so sticky, I couldn't. You can see it in the drama."

"Rather than hard things, people around me are treating me so well. I felt hard because I've never lived as a chaebol, but since I'm doing with Go Doo Shim sunbaenim, I'm enjoying filming."

"Park Seju is 28 years old. My real age is 25. I've acted college student and entertainer before. This time, I took the role of 28 year-old chaebol. I thought my face can cover 28 years old, so I decided to take it."

Go Doo Shim said, "To be honest, I didn't know Jung Yonghwa well. My close persons said 'He is the person who is grabbing the Asian market.' And it was Jung Yonghwa. So when I met him for the first time, I said to him, "You are that popular person? The copyright was sold to all Asian countries (thanks to you)."
It's my first time acting with Yonghwa, but I didn't feel any awkwardness. It was a good start from the first scene. Yonghwa did so well, so I thought in my heart, "Oh ho not bad."

Yoon Eunhye talked about Jung Yonghwa, "He takes care of people around him well and he is manly. But sometimes he is cute like a younger brother.
He has intend to learn everything, also has a sense of trying various moving in acting."

Jung Yonghwa said, "By chance, In Japan, I read 'today's luck' in the newspaper. It said, 'Today, your choice for the future is important.' Later, I came back to Korea. My company suggested me to choose 'Choice of future', so I did."

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