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Earlier this year I wrote an article which appeared in The New English Review, entitled “In Defence of the EDL.” - http://bit.ly/10NRUYn - and in that article I recounted how the EDL was formed as a predictable and necessary response in the wake of government indifference and in the face of a rising tide of Islamic terrorism and extremism combined with an unwillingness of a substantial number of Muslims in the UK to assimilate and integrate into mainstream society, and also a simultaneous rising tide of antisocial and criminal activities by Muslims – including a veritable tsunami of Muslim sex grooming gangs throughout the country – all problems which have got worse rather than better since that article was written.

Today we have had news that the two leading members of the EDL - Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll – have resigned in a move supposedly brokered by the Quilliam Foundation. I think there may be more to this than meets the eye, however Tommy Robinson subsequently appeared on BBC’s Newsnight this evening with Jeremy Paxman and made the following statements, some of which I would like to take issue with:-

1) “Street protests are not the way forward.”

It’s true that street protests can be difficult and expensive to police, and that there certainly are agents provocateurs working to undermine the aims of the EDL by infiltrating the street protests in order to cause violence. But what is conveniently overlooked is that the street protests organised by the EDL were in response to groups of Muslims roaming the streets of our land, committing violence with impunity and insulting our brave soldiers as well as intimidating our citizenry. What were we supposed to do, just sit at home and write letters to the editor of our local paper? Someone had to stand up against Muslim violence, thuggery and intimidation, and it was obvious that our police forces, in thrall to political correctness and multiculturalism, were clearly not going to do so, even though they were, and are, supposedly charged with keeping the peace and upholding the law without fear or favour.

2) “The way forward is working with the Quilliam Foundation and Muslims to reform Islam.”

Quite apart from the fact that previous attempts at reform have made very little impact on mainstream Islamic thinking – one of the most recent being the St Petersburg Declaration from 2007 by a group of very prominent Muslim personalities – http://www.centerforinquiry.net/ISIS - the concept of non-Muslims working with Muslims on such a process presupposes that the Muslims involved are inherently trustworthy and not simply utilising delaying tactics to fool the Kuffar until such time as Islamic demographics render the whole exercise unnecessary. The evidence suggests that such deception by Muslims towards non-Muslims when it comes to defending the worst aspects of Islam is the norm rather than the exception.

3) “If new mosques are to be built, then mosque regulation and moderation is required.”

To paraphrase Confucius here – when in hole, stop digging. It is quite obvious that we have a major problem with Islam not only in this country but throughout the West, and although apologists for Islam repeatedly say that it is just a tiny minority of extremists that are causing the problem, the fact is that no Muslim group anywhere in the West has called for serious examination of what is being taught in mosques that causes so many young Muslims to misunderstand Islam in such a spectacular way. As far as regulation and moderation is concerned, I would go further – and say that if it is discovered that Islamic supremacism, or the principles of violent Jihad, or indeed any form of violence towards non-Muslims (which is inherent in the Qu’ran, by the way) is being taught in existing mosques to young or impressionable Muslims, then that mosque should not only be closed, but bulldozed to the ground, with the land being confiscated and used for a purpose to benefit the entire community rather than Muslims. If that were to happen often enough, Muslims might just get the message. It goes without saying that there should be a moratorium on new mosque building until such time that Muslims can demonstrate to the rest of the community, in actions and not just words, that they are willing to assimilate and integrate with the host society AS EQUALS in perpetuity, and not just until they feel strong enough to assert themselves and take over.

4) “EDL extremism just causes more extremism amongst Muslims.”

This is the argument used to appease school-ground bullies – justified resistance by patriotic counter-jihadists such as the EDL in response to the murderous violence and intimidation that Muslims employ as a matter of routine is only likely to inflame Muslim sensitivities and result in more murderous Muslim violence and intimidation. Witness the brutal murder of Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich in May this year – spineless Dhimmi apologists such as our own Prime Minister David Cameron were falling over themselves to absolve Islam from being the primary driving force behind the murder, even though Michael Adebolajo stood in front of the camera and quoted the Qu’ran chapter and verse to justify the murder in terms that ANY Muslim would have no difficulty at all in understanding and identifying with.

Of course, this is a worldwide phenomenon and not just confined to the UK – the recent massacre at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi elicited exactly the same response from Dhimmi apologists both at home and abroad who ought to have known better, even though the Islamic terrorists separated non-Muslims from Muslims before slaughtering them in the most cruel and barbaric fashion while screaming the all too familiar battle cry of “Allah-hu-Ackbar” (which as everyone with any knowledge of Islam knows, means not a meek and pious “Thank God” as the clueless US Senator John McCain famously said recently, but more an aggressive, bellicose assertion that “My God can kick your God’s ass and I’m going to be the instrument of his invariably psychopathic, murderous and destructive will whether you like it or not.” )

Predictably, the news of the resignation of Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll has been met with much crowing by organisations such as Hope Not Soap and its director Nick Lowles issued the following statement:

“We celebrate Quilliam’s efforts here, but only a complete renunciation of the violence and hatred the EDL leaders have promoted, and a turning away from the anti-Muslim rhetoric they have championed, will be enough for the many thousands who have suffered from the EDL’s ugly actions over the past three years. EDL supporters have called for mosques to be burned, holy books to be destroyed, Muslims to be deported. They have cost us £10 million in policing bills, brought disorder to our streets, and many, many more have been sentenced for acts of violence, gun possession, paedophilia and other crimes. To claim they represented working class Britons was laughable. Hope Not Hate and others have worked closely with unions, faith groups and the real working class of Britain to oppose the blind hatred and violence promoted via the EDL and its counter-jihadist backers. What happens now to those wealthy individuals who have backed the EDL leaders to the hilt? We doubt they, or Lennon/Carroll, will disappear so quickly from the scene. Merely setting up a new party or anti-Muslim organisation will not be enough to convince anti-hate campaigners, and those interested in democratic government, that Lennon (Tommy Robinson) and Carroll have truly renounced their ways. We hope they have. Well done to Quilliam but many questions still remain.”

Note in the statement from Nick Lowles the moral equivalence between the substantial problems that we have with Islam in this country – problems that I have outlined in this article as well as in my previous article “In Defence of the EDL” - and what he labels as “far right extremism” – the implication that the predictable response – even if that response is non-violent, to unchecked and unrestrained Muslim violence and intimidation is in itself a form of extremism - when in reality it is merely a natural and patriotic reaction to the most substantial threat that we have seen to our liberal democracy and to Western civilisation since World War II.

Not to mention, of course, that the EDL are labelled as “far right extremists” when in fact they represent the centre ground of concerned indigenous British citizens of all cultures. By the way, for those of you on the left who are so fond of portraying the EDL as racists - this is nothing whatsoever to do with race or with the colour of one’s skin – it is a natural response by freedom-loving patriots which has been forced on us through the negligent actions of, or by the complicity of our political elites, against the totalitarian, supremacist political ideology of Islam which threatens the entire world today – an ideology which is every bit as nasty, pervasive and evil today as Nazism was when it threatened the entire world seventy years ago.

To summarise -the original “raison d’etre” of the EDL has not gone away, and even though the current leaders may have departed for reasons that are not yet entirely clear, there are still tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of loyal supporters who stand true to the “non-racist, non-violent, just no longer silent” ethos of the EDL – an organisation which is open to all citizens of the UK of whatever race, creed or colour who support freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and equality of everyone before the law, who love our traditions of liberal democracy and who do not wish to see those traditions trampled on by barbarian hordes intent on imposing Sharia Law and their own primitive 7th century values on us by using our own freedoms and our open, tolerant values against us.

This is an opportunity – not a catastrophe or a disaster, but a historic opportunity - for the EDL to re-affirm their values and to stand up and say that on behalf of all freedom-loving people, we will NOT be defeated by a backward, totalitarian, supremacist ideology bent on world domination, and that no matter how difficult the fight may be, we have the truth on our side, and a culture and a civilisation that is superior to anything that Islam may have to offer, and we WILL prevail.

Tim Burton
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PS - Here again is the 18-point plan put forward by AFDI / SION which - in my view - should form the basis of every counter-jihad movement, with its basic principles robustly applied until such time as Islam no longer poses a serious threat to the civilised world:

• Repeal the crippling rules of engagement under which our soldiers are forced to labour. They should be given the freedom to defend themselves and protect their comrades.
• Implement profiling of Muslims at airports and in hiring in professions in which national security and public safety could be compromised.
• Immediate investigation into foreign mosque funding in the West and for new legislation making foreign funding of mosques in non-Muslim nations illegal.
• Surveillance of mosques and regular inspections of mosques in the U.S. and other non-Muslim nations to look for pro-violence materials. Any mosque advocating jihad or any aspects of Sharia that conflict with Constitutional freedoms and protections should be closed.
• Revise the curriculum and Islam-related materials in textbooks and museums to describe the Islamic doctrine and history accurately, including its violent doctrines and 1,400-year war against unbelievers.
• Halt foreign aid to Islamic nations with Sharia-based constitutions and/or governments.
• Forbid the use of Sharia law in any Western court or nation.
• Implement deportation hearings against non-citizens who promote jihad in our nations.
• Halt immigration by Muslims into nations that do not currently have a Muslim majority population.
• Provide that anyone seeking citizenship in the United States (or any Western country) should be asked if he or she supports Sharia law, and investigated for ties to pro-Sharia groups. If so, citizenship should not be granted.
• Immediate cancellation of citizenship or permanent residency status for anyone who leaves the country of his residence to travel for the purpose of engaging in jihad activity, and for the refusal of reentry into his country of residence after that jihad activity.
• Investigation of Muslims resident in non-Muslim countries who have obtained naturalized citizenship or permanent residency status, to ensure that that status was not obtained under false pretences.
• Designation of the following as grounds for immediate deportation: fomenting, plotting, financing, attempting or carrying out jihad attacks; encouraging or threatening or attempting to carry out the punishments Islamic law mandates for apostasy, adultery, blasphemy, fornication or theft; threatening or attempting or carrying out honor murders, forced marriage, underage marriage, female genital mutilation, or polygamy.
• Free nations should have jihad, as it is traditionally understood in Islamic jurisprudence to involve warfare against and subjugation of non-Muslims, declared a crime against humanity at the U.N., or to withdraw from the U.N. and have its headquarters moved to a Muslim nation.
• Legislation should be passed making illegal the foreign funding of Islamic Studies departments and faculty positions in our universities.
• Immediate repeal of U.N. resolution 16/18 and any other resolutions that might limit the freedom of speech.
• All Muslim chaplains in prisons and the military should be thoroughly vetted, and dismissed if they have ties to any Islamic supremacist group, or if they advocate jihad.
• The development of energy policies that will free us from dependence upon oil from Muslim countries.