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7th Oct 2013 from TwitLonger

Yes I was cheated on. Yes it does suck. Yes I was left for another man. And this happens everyday to so many people of every age, gender, race. I happen to be one of those people and I'm in a situation where I am constantly reminded of it every day. Like anyone who has been cheated on, it has been tough for me but I'm finally ready to move on. Once you are cheated on you should never go back and I did because I wasn't ready to give up on love and something that was everything to me. I wasn't ready to give up on something that was causing me to smile and be happy day in and day out. That's what relationships do, they make you the happiest person in the world and all of a sudden a miserable wreck. That is why if you know someone who is in a relationship, I'm begging you to please not interfere with that, because you are going to destroy someone and crush their world. Nathan may be a top bloke or a sweet person, but what he did was just completely wrong. He interfered with my life and did not respect my relationship, his actions caused me to not be able to sleep at night and not see the world as a beautiful place. Nathan if you read this, when you hold her hand you better hold it tight because you are holding my world. I do wish you two happiness and a good life and hope everything works out. Through all of this I have been able to mature as a person and grow up and have learnt a lot about myself. I have learnt how to find happiness on my own without relying on anyone else. I'm not going to go into the full story of what happened because it isn't anyone else's business and I'm just not ready to. Today was supposed to be our one year anniversary but instead I'm writing this. Do you know how shit this makes me feel? How crushed it makes me feel? But I'm doing this to protect myself from the endless hate I am getting and for those who have lost respect for me when I haven't done anything wrong. I'm seeing this post as moving on, ending peoples continuous questions to me which keeps reminding me about what happened. I hope you can read this and it is enough for your questions to stop because I really can't keep being reminded of it every single day of my life and it is not healthy. It's better to end everyone's questions now than to keep it going for the rest of my life which will slowly destroy me and not allow me to move on. I'm starting to get back on my feet and smile again. Yes I do miss her and still love her but I need to start thinking of myself and do what is best for me. You may or may not believe me, that is up to you and I'm not going to force you to, but just know I would never make up a lie about something like this, it's far too serious. She may not respond to this post, may ignore it, may deny it or may own up to it, she is going to do what's best for her and do what she thinks is right, which is what I'm doing, doing what I think is the best for me- I hope you can respect that. Please stop the endless questions to me and move on with me and let's put everything behind us. Thank you to those who have been supporting me, helping me smile and being there for me through a day to day basis. Like I said this post does make me feel like shit but I feel it's the best thing for me, I'm looking out for myself. Thank you everyone. Here is to a great life

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