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5th Oct 2013 from TwitLonger

“I want a Hyack that represents New Westminster in a modern, meaningful way”. And I want a unicorn that farts rainbows and shits gold nuggets. Patrick Johnstone did a fabulous job producing Hyack, one of his recent blog topics. I read, then reread his Coles notes version of the Hyack fiasco with great interest. He was careful not to stir the proverbial pot but that is exactly what’s happening with Hyack. In my opinion Hyack should remain steeped in tradition. Put me in the plaid coat camp. Attempts to modernize Hyack should be resisted. The contingent that suggests the latter increasingly pisses me off. They seem to envision a loosely organized ever changing community network. I’ve lived in New Westminster for 47 of my 48 years, I’m not part of the community. I’m a resident. Community suggests that we all agree and get along. We don’t. I’ve always felt like Hyack was my home town’s last bastion of anglo saxon conservative history. The last 40 years of Socialism are a mere blip on our cities historical radar. It appears that Hyack is under attack. The NextNW, how to win friends and influence people types have an agenda. The problem? It isn’t mine. I hope Hyack finds the strength to admit who they really are. I hope the old guard stands firm and rebuts this infiltration. Plaid coats won’t be in style 100 years from now either but the values the wearers of those coats impart on the city will be.

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