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2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert Ticket Open guide

Concert:: 2013 Kim Jaejoong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert Ticket Open guide

Performance Dates: Nov 2 (Sat) 7 pm KST / Nov 3 (Sun) 6 pm KST
Venue: Coex Hall D

Kim Jaejoong is an artist who charms the world!
Best rock performance containing a variety of genres upon his return.

Kim Jaejoong holds a record of selling 200K copies worldwide of his first solo mini-album which was released last January.
His exclusive concert in Korea ‘Your, My, Mine’ holds the longest time ever for the interpark server downtime and has the most number of foreign IPs accessing the server at the same time, demonstrating unparalleled popularity.
He successfully completed a 7-city tour in Asia, including Korea, and now, with his new album, his Asia tour will begin again.
He will present you with a rock album with different genres and fantastic performances full of passion.

Booking Instructions:
1.You can buy 1 to 2 tickets per booking, maximum of 4 times.
2.Booking dates: 1st round: Oct 8, 8 pm KST / 2nd round Oct 10, 8 pm KST
3.Ticket should not be for resale or monopolized. In order to prevent hoarding, payment method is as follows: 1st round: Credit card, debit card, bank transfer; 2nd round: Credit card, debit card (bank transfer is not possible)
4.Tickets bought thru illegal transactions will not be honored and considered void. We will take legal action against illegal sellers so we ask for the cooperation from fans not to buy tickets thru these sellers.

Only authorized seller for overseas: LOOK KOREA (www.lookkorea.jp)
Look Korea has been designated as the exclusive authorized seller and official travel agency for this concert.

Source: http://m.ticket.interpark.com/contents/ticket_openguide_detail.html?bbsno=34&no=17472

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