@TCUWhiteTrash Greg, I don’t know where to begin with this. But I can’t stand watching you continue to sink when now might be your best chance to finally swim. You have no reason to continue lashing out at people that had nothing to with your current situation. You have no reason to continue tweeting barely-coherent thoughts to people that pine for the “old” Greggo.

You have no reason to continue living anywhere near the city that once adored you. You’ve burned bridges with anyone that cared about you aside from a few people who, despite their best intentions, likely are doing more harm than good by continuing to be your friend.

It makes me sad to think I will never hear your voice on the radio again. It makes me sad to see you begging for handouts from people you’ve never met in order to keep your blog going. It makes me sad to think that someone who was so good to me, someone who did so much to help me succeed at the Ticket, has become this shell of a person.

But I still want to believe that somewhere inside of you is the Greggo that I knew. The Greggo that gave me advice on radio and life, that cheered for me behind the scenes, that I shared so many silly moments AND serious conversations with. You can still be that person. You might not get to enjoy this next phase of your working life like you enjoyed your previous working years, but you still have a chance at happiness in your personal life. I want that, and despite what you might think, everyone else wants that too. But there’s nothing we can do anymore. We’ve exhausted our options.

So PLEASE make a real effort to find REAL help. A doctor who will diagnose your profound weight loss. A psychiatrist who will help you get to the core of your issues. New people in your life that only know you as Greg (or ideally, Robert), not The Hammer, who want nothing from you other than your friendship. I truly believe that you won’t get any of this until you move out of Texas, somewhere you have no connections with (i.e. do NOT go to Colorado).

You’re 53 years old. You won’t be able to retire at 55 like you once hoped, but you can still live a fulfilling life. Texas has nothing more to offer you. Maybe somewhere else does. Give yourself a chance by moving away and seeking true professional and personal help.

Love you, man.

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