[Trans/Fanaccount] A lucky fan hit the jackpot inside the movie theater

note: The fan was seated rows behing them so she could only see the back of their heads.

Yuchun was eating/chewing something.
Even inside the movie theater, Junsu still had his sunglasses on.
But Junsu put off his sunglasses to watch the movie.
Everytime people from the other side came, they got up and down like domino lol so cute T_T
Everyone cried, "muggles" (T/N non-fans) like celebrities.
After the movie ended, I was walking down the stairs when Yuchun and Junsu got up and came out at the same time! So I walked alongside with them T_T I swear, I really acted like a "muggle" (T/N non-fan)!! Though my heart was bouncing and bouncing!! The scent* of their perfume smelt so good T_T Because Yuchun walked so fast, I found myself walking alongside Junsu but since he had to give an interview, he went back up so I watched him leave then kept walking down but then he showed up again.

*The scent is strong and good at the same time; undescribable by words since their scent was mixed.

Source: @Raphaela_jyj

Translated by Sheena

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