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22nd Sep 2013 from TwitLonger

#KBSMammaMia The relay game. Each team had to relay a phrase or word and the last person had to say the correct word or phrase. The daughter team got the phrase 'breast-feeding'. First person was Solbi and last was Younghee's mother.
Order: Solbi-Younghee-Park Eunyoung-Kim Jimin-Younghee's mom.

Younghee tried to hint the correct phrase while relaying it to Eunyoung by pointing out her chest LOL XD. But Eunyoung got the phrase wrong and it became 'body shaping underwear' to Younghee's mom. Younghee's mom had to relay the correct phrase to Kyuhyun as the judge. Younghee's mom also pointed out her chest as she's trying to relay the phrase to Kyuhyun and because she pointed out her chest, Kyuhyun was flustered and embarrassed by it so he covered his face by his hands while trying to tell Younghee's mom that it was not the correct phrase XD

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