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19th Sep 2013 from TwitLonger

Hey guys! It's another Thursday, so you get another imagine!!! This week is Toby imagine, and it's a little shorter and less dialogue than some of my others, but I hope you guys still like it :D

Please read until the very end for some announcements! Thanks enjoy!

#Imagine walking dogs around the neighborhood to earn some extra cash because you really want a new laptop. After a slow month of business you asked your dad for advice and tips because he works for an advertising agency, so he knows what people look for in a professional ad.

It’s been a week since you took your dad’s advice and changed your flyer, and lately you’ve been getting a lot more business.

You’re already walking 2 dogs at the moment, Hunter and Sofi, and you’re picking up one more on the way to the dog park. You ring the doorbell and listen for footsteps, but all you hear is loud music coming from the garage that branches off the side house.

The garage door is wide open so you look around the corner and see a group of older boys either banging on a drum set, rocking out on the guitar or dramatically singing into a microphone. Not wanting to interrupt their song, you wait, hidden from them.

You watch as the youngest boy around your age playing the keyboards. He’s really cute, especially in a snapback and can’t help but peer a little farther around the corner to get a better view.

As the song ends a dog burst into the garage, and Hunter, being the outgoing and excited type, pulls you and Sofi by the leash and sprint towards the other dog, dragging you along. The cute one wearing the snapback runs towards his dog before the 3 dogs collide. Before the dogs collide they simultaneously screech to a stop right across from each other just like in the cartoons.

But you’re still being pulled by the leash and can’t stop yourself, and obviously the boy can’t either. The two of you crash into each other, and find yourselves lying on the floor rubbing your head.

The older boys are in total shock and eventually start laughing. One of them with dark hair finally catches his breaths.

“Hey, sorry about that laughing. Are you okay?”

He signals one of them to get ice packs inside and an older dark blonde haired boy runs inside to get ice packs.

He comes back and hands one to each of you.

“Wow, you two have got matching bumps. You’d better take a break and ice them.”

The drummer adds “You can’t just sit out for the rest of rehearsal if you want, dude.”

So the cute boy offers you a seat on the couch in the garage, and sits down next to you. The other boys continue practicing without him and you both watch them a little awkwardly for a while. His dog, Hunter and Sofi sit on the outside ends of the couch, so you two are sitting right next to each other, almost touching.

You wanna say something to him so badly, but no thoughts come into mind.

Talk about awkward.

Bobbing your heard to the music you slightly bump your head into the wall behind the couch, reminding you the reason you’re still here with an ice pack in your hand.

You put the icepack on your head at the same time as he does, and he chuckles lightly.

“Wow, I guess our collision was enough to break the ice. Hi, my name’s Toby”

And finished!! I really hope you guys liked it, I wrote it a while back so I'm not sure how you guys are going to like the one. Some announcements below!

1. Please please please give me any feedback any thought you had while reading this I need to know!

2. It would mean the world for you if you could get other exiters to read my imagines. I'm so happy I'm reaching about 30, but they aren't constant readers. I've been incredibly busy, I haven't even written an imagine in 3 weeks, and I'm starting to run out of pre written ones. Spread the word I REALLY need your help, because if I only have a couple of regular readers I can't keep writing and posting.

Please help me out!! :D

-Amber <3

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