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14th Sep 2013 from TwitLonger


Dear Kelly Straw,

I know for a fact that you have something to do with the Tour schedule of @bigtimerush and I just heard that BTR will do a tour in America next year AGAIN. But you do regonize that BTR doesn´t just have Fans in America or Mexico right? They have fans WORLDWIDE and some of us would like to go on a concert of them. The USA already had like 4 tours of them and we in Europe didn´t even get ONE. Do you really think it´s fair? I don´t. Can´t you just forget about America for once and let them tour in Europe? The guys also wanna do a Europe/World tour. Don´t you care about what they want or what they wish? Ignoring us is not helping so don´t try to ignore us. We in Europe do so much to proof that we want BTR here. We do flashmobs, videos, buyouts etc but we don´t get the regonition for that. We are fighting for 3 years now to get a tour of them but nothing. The American Fans already got a Tour with the 3rd album but we overseas didn´t even get a tour with the 2nd Album. BTRs last Concert in Germany and the UK was more than 2 years ago and there are some other countries who wished for a tour like Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria etc. Plus the guys say all the time that they will come back to Europe or that they will do a Worldtour and we are waiting for that to happen for 2 years but nothing. Don´t you think it hurts the guys that they have to dissapoint their fans overseas aka Narnia just because you don´t plan us into their schedule? The guys would be so happy to come here again and play some shows for us cause also not everyone can afford a flight to the USA to see the guys.

I know you read this and so don´t ignore this. I just want a reason why you don´t let them tour here and what we can do that you let the guys come back.

Yours faithfully

an dissapointed and sad German Rusher

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