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Hey imagine readers!!! So this is my 7th imagine because I'm starting from the beginning of the cycle! So just if you don't know the order is: Riley, Toby, Connor, Braiden, Thomas then Chris :D This imagine I think is just pretty cute, it's not exactly super romantic it's just adorable, but I hope you guys like it!!


#Imagine going to the your favorite surf spot with Riley. You wake up and the sun hasn't even risen yet, but Riley's picking you up at 6am so you've gotta be ready. Slowly you get dressed and grab your surfboard out the door. Waiting for Riley on the curb you get a text from him:

Hey bestie i'll b there in 2 mins and 6 secs, c ya soon

You smile at Riley's text and open up the stopwatch app.

A few minute later Riley hops out of the car and puts the surfboards on top, standing on one side to strap them down.

"Hey y/n, ready to watch me catch better waves than you today?"

You roll your eyes at him as you help him strap the surfboards to the top on the other side of the car. "Yeah, whatever Ri, while you're catching some wipeouts I'll be catching the real waves."

Riley smirks and sticks his tongue out at you.

"Oh and Ri, by the way, you're late. You said you were coming in 2 minutes and 6 seconds, but you got here in 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Shame on you"

He pouts and sparkles his eyes, which is literally the cutest thing ever. You ask yourself the same question every time you see Riley like this "Can he just be my boyfriend already?"

You jump in the car and drive to the beach listening and singing to music the entire hour drive there. I Like That comes on Radio Disney, and Riley sings at the top of his lungs even though the whole city is sleeping.

Even though it’s chilly now, when you get to the beach you change into your bikini, because you know it’ll get hotter later. Usually you go to the beach with Riley and the other boys, but today Riley snuck out of the house before band rehearsals at 12:30 to come and surf with you.

You’ve like him for a few months now but neither of you have made a significant move at each other. You know that Riley can be a little oblivious, so you doubt he’s getting your hints.

You push your thoughts aside as you grab your surfboards from the top of the car and race each other to the water. Its freezing cold with only a bikini and rashguard on, but you laugh it off because Riley’s freezing too in just swim trunks.


Hours later hungry and tired you happily come out of the water at around 11 o’clock for lunch. You haven’t even come up to the dry shore when you realize you’re totally sunburned. You can’t even walk, and you're just standing there wincing.

Riley, who apparently put on sunscreen before picking you up for today’s trip, just laughs hysterically at you. He runs off with your board to the car without hesitation.

You think “He’s just gonna leave you here?!?”

You try to stumble your way towards the car where he is, but stop when he just puts the boards away and he's running back. He picks you in his arms bridal-style and you can’t help but blush.

You don’t think he’ll notice though, because your cheeks already completely sunburned along with the rest of your body. Although it hurts that he’s touching your sunburned skin, you try to relax and focus on the fact that he’s holding you.

When he puts you down in the passenger seat, you smile and thank him. You’re about to close the door, when Riley stops the door.

“Wow, you okay? I’m actually glad you got a little sunburned"

"A little?!?!?! Do you see me? I'm a tomato!!"

"Ehh, you're fine. You're a cute tomato. Plus I got to carry you. And it’s a better transition into my next question…”

You hold your breath, and as you hear his next words you smile as big as you can without too much pain.

“Will you please go out with me?”

Yay! 2nd Riley imagine!! I hope you guys enjoyed reading it, and if you're reading this right now I hope you choose to check up each week on where you click "add this webmix" and you can read all of my posted imagines there, even some personal ones I've written :D

Please please give me feedback and advice on my imagines, good or bad, I just want honesty :) I really hope you guys keep reading, and I love my imagine readers so much!

Tune in next Thursday for a Toby imagine!!! :D <3

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