[Trans JYJ Japan notice] Attention: (Regarding the information transmitted on Twitter by a person named Sasahara Yuichi)

2013 Sep 12
C-JeS entertainment, inc.

Information related to JYJ activities orginated from Sasahara Yuichi san (twitter account @cashboxman) . Our company and JYJ don’t have any business relationship with this Sasahara san and with the company he owns. Our company will not disseminate information on JYJ’s activities thru Sasahara Yuichi san. In addition, the information coming from Sasahara Yuichi’s twitter that ‘JYJ will leave c-jes’ has been misunderstood by some people. JYJ will continue to work with our company.

With regards to the activities of JYJ, please visit the official website of the company. Please note that we will not assume responsibility for the information and contents that we have not announced through the official website.

It should be noted that thru the twitter of Sasahara Yuichi that it was mentioned that JYJ has met with Sasahara Yuichi. But JYJ has never met this Sasahara Yuichi san. There are also information coming from Sasahara Yuichi san’s twitter that is false. Slander against JYJ and their family and our company has also been made. Our company will protest to Sasahara Yuichi san for providing false information about JYJ’s activities and slandering JYJ, their family, and our company. Our company will also request to Sasahara Yuichi san that there will be no more tweets about these topics in the future, as well as request him to delete the previous tweets with false information and slander.

Thank you for always supporting JYJ. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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