***Long message below about my competition *** It's been long fight after all things , documents and approves for my US competition . Just now i got approves and all documents that i need for it . I want say thanks for all people support and great words during that time. After we #FightItTillTheEnd we made it , "keep fight it till the end and never give up" . But unfortunately there is to short time before competition and have manny issues like: to get tickets , flights connections , travel things and others issues. I will need to be on ice of SP in about 50 hours , but now im still here , and many things haven't done yet , so its very difficult and big risk in time as well. Also i will have 6 more competitions ( include Olympics ) in this season , and i've done already 2 which total mean 8 in one season , so we will have more other competitions coming up. So my team and coach decide will not to go for this competition because all this issue i write abode . But i wish all my buddies and friends to have a Great Time and Competition in Salt Lake City ! Good Luck to all of You ! Thanks Everyone . Yours MG (MG-Misha Ge ) ;)

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