I wanted to write this to keep all my music fans up to date on what has been happening with my career. Even though it seems I have completely stopped working I want y'all to know I have been recording and writing and exploring my new sound and have never stopped making music and never will.
I asked my labels to let me go to give me the chance to start fresh and really discover my sound again. I signed a deal when I was 19 and have changed so much since then musically and matured in my artistry. It was a blessing to take this time off to self discovery because I was able to put 100 percent into my relationship with Eric and really nurture our relationship and build an amazing foundation. My number one priority in life is my husband and family and I am so blessed to have found this. With that said I now feel that I can really give my music career the love it needs since I've grown so much as a woman. I am so excited to share my new music with you all. I think you're going to love it :) it's different and maybe a different sound too but it's a side I have always wanted to share. Thank you so much for your on going support and love.

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