Info about the hearing yesterday - Sep 9, 2013

- The appeal did not end today. The issue has not been resolved. C did not agree that A entertainment should take over from A management (which is A's appeal)
- C stated that if c-jes agrees to this issue, it is a disadvantage on C part in case A appeals in a higher court. Settlement talks will still continue.
- Next oral argument is on Oct 30, 1:10 PM. Establishment of the settlement is expected to happen at that time.
- The presiding judge seems a bit troubled thinking that there is no way c-jes will accept the take-over.

Source: @loveJJkaorin

Note: A side is trying to say that A entertainment (as a head company) should take over A Management's part in this trial. A Management handled JYJ's activities before and the trial is really against C vs A Management. C does not agree so until today, settlement was not finalized.

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