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Hey all you imagine readers!! Thanks sooo much for being patient with me!!! I'm suuuuper busy, especially last week, but you finally get the Chris imagine I promised!! Hope you guys enjoy it, my best guy friend always reads my imagines and he said that he likes this one, so I hope you guys like it too!

#Imagine that you live in California, visiting Orlando for spring break with your best friend, Taylor. Even though you don’t live in LA, you’ve been to Disney Land plenty of times because you’re both Disney fanatics. So both of you have “Go to Disney World” on your top priorities list for your Orlando trip.

You only have a week in Orlando before you head back to spend time with family, so you’re trying to make the most of the trip, and your first full day in Orlando will be at Disney World. You and Taylor are waiting outside the airport for a taxi, when her phone dings.

She smiles widely and wiggles her phone in front of you face.

“Reminder: Pack for Disney World tonight, because we’re going to Disney World tomorrow!!!!!!!”

Both of you giggle and jump up and down, and even though you both probably look hilarious, you don’t care. You're just two college girls, giggling and jumping up and down with duffle bags, purses and suitcases waiting for a taxi.

It’s almost midnight in Orlando, but you’re obviously not tired at all since its 9pm in California, so by the time you get to the hotel you two are on your laptop on the Disney World website. Taylor takes over the computer as you walk over to the bathroom to brush your teeth.

“Hey, y/n, remember when we went to Disney Land for the first time and we got our picture taken, because Disney hires people to just take pictures of people?”

With your toothbrush still in your mouth, you stick your head out of the bathroom, “Yeah that was a really good picture!”

“Well, they obviously do that at Disney World too, and I didn’t even think about it until now, but we should totally get a picture tomorrow. It’ll be like Throwback Thursday”

You walk back into the bathroom and yell, with the toothbrush hanging out of your mouth.

“Gotta get my teeth shiny white for tomorrow’s picture perfect moment!!”

You laugh at yourself, and an hour later you and Taylor have exhausted yourselves enough, so you fall asleep, ready for a big day tomorrow.


There are plenty of people waiting in line to get into Disney World’s Magic Castle already, and it’s only 9:15am, when they opened 15 minutes ago. You and Taylor are sporting matching Minnie Mouse ears and tees, and you’re constantly fixing your hair and ears so that you get your picture perfect moment.

The second you two get through the gates you’re already scouting for the photographers, but all of them seem to be busy. You sigh and feel a tap on your shoulder.

A really tall guy about your age is holding a Disney camera, and he’s wearing a shirt with the Disney logo on it.

You gasp and clap your hands, “Oh my gosh, you’re Disney photographer guy!”

He looks a little confused, but smiles “Yeah, that’s me, but my undercover identity is Chris Ganoudis.” He says with a wink, “Can I take your picture?”

Even though you and Taylor aren’t 15 year old girls anymore, today you know you’ll act like them.

“Yes, yes, yes please!” Taylor grabs your wrist and starts dragging you along "Y/n!! Hurry up! We need to get this perfect picture!!! Y/N! HURRY!"

By the time Taylor's positioned and perfected every aspect of the picture, you do a classic girl pose with one hand on your hip. Almost before you see the flash you're sprinting over to Chris.

“How does it look?!”

You squeal as he shows you the picture, and it’s exactly how you imagined it: classy and cute.

Chris’s eyes widen as he sees the picture.

“Wow, you guys are beautiful! This is probably the best picture I’ve taken. I’ve gotta take a few more pictures of you girls.”

For the next 5 minutes you and Taylor are randomly posing for Chris as he takes more and more pictures: It literally feels like a photo shoot.

Now you’re standing next to him as he goes through the pictures, and you’re grinning at each picture. You look up at him to thank him, but he’s still staring in amazement at the pictures and you realize he’s actually pretty cute.

“You guys are beautiful!"

His voice rings through your head and you naturally start over thinking everything.

"Does he like me?"

"What did he mean by beautiful?"

"Isn’t that his job to say that?"

Chris is staring at you with those dark brown eyes… Your thoughts clouded your senses; you have no idea what he just said.

“Sorry, what?”

“Oh, I was just wondering if you guys wanted to buy a few of these pictures.” He points to his camera, and you nod.

You look for Taylor, but she’s studying the park map circling hot spots with her pen.

“Can you show me where it is? It’ll only be a second, but my friends going to be a while.”


He starts walking you to the photo area about 100 yards away from you, so there’s plenty of time to talk.

“So, Y/n, have you been to Disney World before?”

You’re so relieved he made the first move, because you've been racking your brain trying think of something to say.

“This is my first time, which is why I’m making a huge deal about my picture perfect moment." You can't help loving how he said your name, but then you realize you never told him your name.

Chris smiles sheepishly and rubs the back of his head with his hand. "Oh yeah, sorry. I heard your friend say your name when she was running with you for the picture"

"Oh okay, that's cool, I just wasn't sure how you knew. But anyways, I live in Southern California, so I’ve been to Disney land a ton of times.”

He smiles at you, “I love California, I should have guessed. You look like a California girl. Anyways, you’re going to love it here. I’ll give you a map and show you all of my favorite places.”

“Yeah, that’d be great. Thanks!” You genuinely smile up at him, but then casually joke around with him to fill the space. “I’m guessing you can’t come with us and hang out at these fabulous places though, huh?”

Chris shakes his head, “Nah, my shift just started, so I can’t exactly leave to hang out with you. I’d really like to though.”

He smiles at you nervously for the first time. “But…my shifts over at 1, so I could meet you guys back here at the castle if you want.”

You try to hide your grin, but you’re the worst at bottling up your emotions. “Yeah, that sounds fun.”

You don’t realize you’ve stopped walking until you see Chris leaning on the counter of the photo pick up.

“So you can pick up your photos here, I’m not sure when it’ll be done, but at least you know where to pick it up now. I’m sure they turned out great.”

Chris starts to walk away because he’s technically still working, so you just wave to him.

“Bye, Chris, see you at 1!”

As he’s walking away back towards the entrance, Taylor sprints towards you.

“Okay okay, I know you probably scored a date, but we’ve got lots to do today! I mapped out exactly where we’re going and-”

You cover her mouth with your hand, and she still continues to mumble through your hands. “Chill! We’ve got time! Plus Chris is meeting us here at 1 and he’s going to show us around and get us special access.”

She squeals so loudly!

You didn’t even know she could squeal that loud!

“Okay, well we gotta get going before Chris shows us around! Let’s go, let’s go!!!”


At 12:45 you and Taylor are running across the park to the castle, tossing out an “excuse me” or “sorry!” every now and then. You see Chris waiting in front of the castle holding a large envelope. He smiles when he spots you and hands you the envelope.

“I picked up your pictures for you.”

Taylor basically rips the envelope open with her teeth and covers her mouth when she sees 10 perfect pictures of you two in front of the castle.

“They’re amazing! Chris you’re the best!”

“He is the best” you think to yourself, catching yourself before you say it out loud.

Taylor's still fangirling and staring at the picture. “Yeah almost perfect!”

Chris is taken back and confused fake pouting, “Almost? I thought I did a pretty good job”

You wink and Taylor, who knows exactly what you're thinking. “Yeah it’s just missing one perfect thing…”

You call over one of Chris’s coworkers. “Our fabulous photographer needs to be in a picture too! Say cheese!”

You’re laughing as Taylor runs over to Chris’s coworker and starts flirting with him as they’re looking at the picture. She yells at you and Chris.

“Y/n! We need one with just you and Chris!” You and Chris stand next to each other, and luckily you’re tall enough, so he puts his arm around your shoulders.

The flash goes off, and you realize that this was the picture perfect moment you were waiting for.

And that's a wrap!!! Thanks guys for reading, I really really appreciate every single one of you who read my imagines!!! I'm writing down the people who have RTed my announcement for today's imagine and anyone else who tweets me back their comments.

I'll personally give you all thank you's soon, so please give me your feedback!!!

Thank you so much for reading! Hope you liked it!

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