@Wendy71x @AuntyOrthodox I see you feel equivocation and blanket assertions are fun, yeah? Let's set the record straight:

1.) I don't attack women or feminists. I offer a political critique of TERF dogma - the same dogma that's rejected by the vast majority of feminists.

2.) Intersectionality is a thing (though TERFs don't like to think so). I've lived the majority of my life as female. I'm post-op and I know on a first hand basis what it means to be raped and have to go through what happens with dealing with that trauma at my local women's center. I, like quite a few FAABs, don't have the anatomy to become pregnant and that was something I - like those other FAAB rape victims - didn't have to endure as being part of my rape experience. I just had to worry about HIV and Hep C and the PTSD.

I know what it is to not be able to go for a fucking walk without some asshole being smarmy. I know well what it is to be discounted, ignored, abused and used precisely because I am not a man.

How many friends do you have who were murdered in bias crimes? How many took their own lives because the system is so fucked? How many were raped? How many were beaten? How many were forced onto the streets to then find that NO - none, zero - social service agency would serve "your kind"? You probably have some experience with some of these things. Me too.

Get this right: THERE IS NO PAIN OLYMPICS. WE ALL SUFFER. The type of suffering I endured while homeless is kinda unique, yet those types of oppression intersect with the very oppression you face. Recognizing that trans oppression has a context that's different from racism, religious bigotry and sexism is okay. Also, noticing where that context intersects with these various forms of oppression is okay.

It is erasure to assert that the privilege that comes from being white or male or American or non-trans isn't real and TERFs like to do that A LOT. TERFs like to pretend that not being trans means that had they been homeless when I was then they too would have been rejected by each and every social service agency too. TERFs like to pretend the syndemics around the trans HIV infection, rape, murder, suicide, unemployment or homeless rate has nothing to do with being trans in a society that punishes people for being trans.

I had white privilege even when I what homeless and even when I was being beaten for being trans. I had male privilege when I was a depressed suicidal pre-transition teen, though - like being white while being beaten for being trans - I cannot conceive how that privilege as a teen benefits me today. I don't know what it's like to be a boy like the cis boys around me when I was a child - which is probably why they tormented and beat me.

I know what it's like to have a parent disown me - up to the day they died - after I came out. That particular type of oppression intersects with the gay and lesbian experience, but isn't the gay and lesbian experience.

I know what it's like to be a fucked up, scared, shame-filled kid and teen who thought they'd be better off dead because I believed every ignorant and cruel things my culture told me about trans people. Go ahead and pretend that this experience is the cis male experience if that cruelty makes you feel good. You seem to take particular delight in that equivocation.

3.) RadFem =/= TERF. Let me say that one more fucking time: RadFem =/= TERF. TERFs proudly assert that all trans people should die. TERFs proudly assert that the world would be better off without trans people. TERFs ended trans healthcare in the US in the mid-1980s. TERFs lobbied TWO administrations to have a national program of forced conversion "therapy" for all trans people. TERFs were the first to politically weaponize the notion that a transsexual might need to use the bathroom way back in 1973.

TERFs have inflicted untold suffering upon any trans person who ever needed medical or therapeutic assistance.

A TERF will delight in telling a trans person who was raped that they weren't raped and furthermore, they are rapey for seeking help at the women's center. A TERF will delight in equivocating that a MAAB trans kid is exactly the same as a MAAB cis kid, gleefully erasing the pain and suffering of being a trans kid. A TERF will delight in policing identity and take it upon themselves to abuse trans people, delighting in any pain they're able to inflict.

I know some awesome RadFems. TERFs, in the other hand, are the cancerous carbuncle on the face of feminism.

4.) I know that I'm not a cisgender (the word for non-transgender) woman. I get it more than you will ever know. I don't claim to be a non-trans woman. I would never, ever lie about that. I always stand against trans people pretending to be cis to the people they claim to care for. If someone asks me, I'm always truthful. I'm out and that's a good thing - that comes with a price which means that I know what it's like to tend to my wounds after an asshole decided that he had the right to beat me for not being cis.

I am, however, NOT a cisgender male and fuck off with the trolling trans people for not agreeing with you that all MTF trans people are men/male. I get it. That's your opinion. Thinking that works really well for you and you get a lot of people to react to your cruelty. So, you can be cruel. Good for you. I just don't understand how you could take such joy in harming trans people. I've seen you try to erase an entire life, boil it down to some absolutist BS dogma, as seemingly cruelly as possible.

5.) Apparently you know what activism is whereas I - who've opened shelters, free health clinics, HIV programs, community centers and did stuff like sit down with EEOC commissioners to talk about how to get trans people protected under Title VII, how to get trans care into the ACA, how to protect trans kids in public schools and worked on laws and ordinances at every level - don't know what the hell I'm doing and need to be more like you. If only I'd act the way you think I should, then I could be a real advocate - like you, right?

Go on. Tell me I'm a man, that I'm oppressing all women, that I work against feminists and that I hate lesbians. Tell me how I suck at being an advocate and how I do great harm to both trans and cis women alike. Both of you, from behind your keyboard, seem to have such brilliant insight into who I am and what I should be doing. So, tell me all about the results of your awesome advocacy. Tell me how you're not really cruel when your dogpiling on a trans person - calling them men, gross, rapists, etc. Tell me how it's your victim's fault for upsetting you and/or not acting exactly they way you want them to act.