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4th Sep 2013 from TwitLonger

First I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes!

Second, I have a few things to say, but I would like to start with:
Kind of.

Well, I now better understand that times change and people change. If anyone noticed that I haven’t been online anymore, it’s because of two reasons. The main reason is that I really don’t have the time. The other is for my Animal Crossing friends, as I no longer have access to usable Wi-Fi. Of course that first reason supersedes the second.

Anyways, my point is that I would like to thank everyone who supported me in general and in my projects (the Wiki, my Deus Ex Machina Twitter Murder Mystery, the Alan productions) which taught me a lot about what not to do.

That said, on a different note, I don’t see myself having the time or motivation to personally update the TSG Wiki. If any of my editors wish to step up to maintain the content that will be their choice, but as for me it takes a fair amount of time that I don’t see myself having. I’m glad that the Wiki has had such a nice run over the four years it existed in which it generated at least ten views.

I’m glad that I could meet some pretty cool people (I’m not going name anyone for fear of leaving someone out, so just assume I’m talking about you, even if we never interacted) and learn about people and cultures in different parts of the world. I can say that I know of Vegemite, Poutine, American Smore, and several other things that I probably would not have found out about otherwise.

Now might be the time to move on, but I don’t think I'm ready and that is why I am not saying goodbye.

So yes, consider this a Tweet of reflection, an early Thanksgiving post, or as a thank you to some people who helped me emotionally get through some tough times. Don’t take this as a goodbye, yet.

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