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4th Sep 2013 from TwitLonger

#IndiVotes #auspol Cathy McGowan Slams Coalition's Broadband Timeline for Wodonga

Cathy McGowan has slammed claims that Wodonga won’t get the NBN until 2017-2018 as unacceptable.

The Age has reported that Wodonga may not be receiving a broadband upgrade under the coalition because households already have access to cable networks installed in the 1990s.

Independent candidate Cathy McGowan said she was disappointed by the Coalition’s disregard for the importance of NBN in the region.

“It is ridiculous to think that infrastructure meant for 90s is deemed acceptable for 2013 by the Coalition,” she said.

“The Coalition obviously don’t understand the benefits that we as a region would reap from technology like the NBN, not only to compete with the cities but also for revolutionary programs like telehealth that will benefit people all across Indi.”

Cathy said that from the discussions she had had with people during the campaign, there was a consensus on the importance of the NBN.

“Across the region, everyone from farmers to health professionals to educators have told me they think getting fibre-to-the home and high speed satellite and fixed wireless is absolutely critical.”

“I’ve pledged to advocate for fibre-to-the-home and to ensure the services offered by wireless and satellite is up to scratch”.

McGowan added that mobile services could be improved by tower sharing.

Sophie Mirabella was a fervent opponent of the NBN for many years, claiming it would be a “white elephant”.

The 2017-18 date puts the timeframe for Wodonga getting NBN after the next federal election, which McGowan said will become a “huge issue”.

See: http://www.thepunch.com.au/articles/The-NBN-is-as-useful-as-those-newfangled-Beta-tapes/

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